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    So i tried out Overwatch...

    First: I'm not a huge fan of PvP-based fps games, i usualy prefer games with solo or coop campaigns (Borderlands, Destiny, Dead Space, Bioshock, CoD and a few others) but i did play a few pvp shooters like Halo, Splatoon, and some other retro game that a friend forced me into and that i don't recall the name.

    I was reluctant for a while, i kinda expected Overwatch to be a flop. But after a while it turned out to be success, so i recently decided to try it out on a friend's account.

    The characters looked kool, their abilities were interesting, it looked like a casual game that is easy to get into, and the idea of a team based PvP game with unique heroes with unique abilities reminded me a bit of LoL, but as a fps.

    So i do a few games, and once i got the hang of the map layout and objectives, my experience of the game became reduced to this:

    -Run right and left.

    That's it. While it does make sense that a moving target is harder to hit with projectiles, all fights was just about two groups of people running right and left, circling around you, and came down to who has the best accuracy.

    It doesn't even make sense! Who the hell can run 20mph in one direction and instantaneously turn around and run 20mph in the opposite direction???

    I don't deny that it takes a great amount of skill to be good at this game, it takes great aim and predictions to be successful, something that i lack, a skill that i find pointless in trying to acquire because i find it so annoying and unrealistic!

    Also, it might be out of context, but i found the characters voice lines so freakin' cringy! Even for a Blizzard game! My ears bleed whenever i hear Genji ult in japanese.

    I'm really starting to wonder how this game became such a success.

    tldr; who the hell enjoy running right and left

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    i do enjoy running right and left

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jalatiphra View Post
    i do enjoy running right and left
    Sometimes I mix it up and run forward and backward too.

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    Better than crouching and jumping.

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    So the gist of it is...you don't like PvP in FPS games. I really am trying to wrap my head around how you thought that was worth making a thread over, because you basically just made a blog post.

    My advice: Don't play a game if you don't enjoy it, regardless of how popular or fun others find it to be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterSheep View Post
    came down to who has the best accuracy.
    As opposed to other fps games where aiming accurately at your opponent isn't neccesary?

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    There's a ton to complain about Overwatch, but this really isn't insightful. Strafing left and right isn't anything new in Overwatch, that's just basic avoidance you see in almost every FPS game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elfox View Post
    As opposed to other fps games where aiming accurately at your opponent isn't neccesary?
    you can play reinhard. that can hardly be called aiming instead you only need to face the correct direction. since you can have 120 Degrees view area you have a 33% build in change to hit.

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    I put a lot of hours into Overwatch and what eventually made me quit was the jumping, I get why people jump around all the time and I even did it myself but in the end it just became too frustrating so I uninstalled and stopped playing.

    It's an excellent game, mechanically and thematically, and on release it was tons of fun since people hadn't found aspects to "exploit" if you can even call it that.

    I just wish there was maybe a cooldown on jumping or maybe a massive accuracy reduction whilst in the air.

    But that's just me, in the end it's part of the game and I doubt Blizzard is going to change it.
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    So you tried it, didn't like it. Fair enough, but did you have to do a freaking essay on the matter?

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    Sounds like the game is not a good fit for you.

    There isn't much discussion topic here for everyone else, so I'm closing this.
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