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    Smile Weakauras: Asking kindly for help with a count up timer

    I play a frost DK and I would like to track the duration of my Breath of Sindragosa. The goal with the build is to maintain your BoS as long as you can by not running out of runic power. Therefore I would like to be able to track for how long my BoS has been active.

    Currently I just have an icon showing whenever my BoS is active as shown here: http://3.1m.yt/dnEUgmv.png

    What I would like to add is a timer that starts on the icon when it appears that counts up and shows for how long my BoS has been active, just for record keeping.

    Would like help with this as I don't know how to write a Weakauras string for that.

    Thanks in advance!
    Now... We are ONE!

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    Should do what you want, let me know if you find issues
    Hunter in ScrubBusters

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    Thank you!
    Now... We are ONE!

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