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    Warrior's new Artifact Appearance for Shield Nerfed


    I loved how it use to be on its side (bulwark of azzinoth) but if this goes live it will be a shadow of what it could have been....


    Sorry, Nerf was the wrong word. I should have said Warrior's new Artifact Appearance for Shield was Changed.
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    How exactly do you nerf an appearance by simply tilting in correctly?
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    Well, that particular shield looked stupid turned mostly sideways...it has a FACE on it after all. Regardless...it looks really ugly turned or not - ill be xmoging the shield and just keeping the flail Pally flail/shield looks 1000x better...

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    dont call it nerfed thats stupid, that implies it got worse
    just because you dont like the change, doesent mean others dont

    call it changed

    also on a tilt it looked stupid IMO it feels like you would be a stupid dog, trying to walk through a door and it getting caught
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    My bad didn't think of that, can't change title now :/ but yeah probably should have said change. I wanted people to know this was happening and get there opinion.
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    Why can't there just be an option for tilting shields whichever degree you want.. that'll be PERFECT

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    Gaaaad I wish I could use this shield and mace as Gladiator.

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    Things must be going pretty good in WoW, if this is considered a nerf and warrants a complaint thread

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    Things must be going pretty good in WoW, if this is considered a nerf and warrants a complaint thread
    Actual thoughtful feedback threads don't get any attention, plenty of time for other shit.

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    never understood why people think bulwark of azzinoth looks good when it's sheathed. yeah i get it you got nostalgia for TBC but cmon that thing looks horrendous when sheathed especially when viewed from the side.

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    I like the new version better. Soothes my sense of symmetry
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    idk i kinda like the new version better

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