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    I imagine they can soak the initial portion of it well, but they don't have things like Feint (which can be 100% uptime on 30% reduced damage) and Crimson Vial to help them live through the dot.
    If they play Demonic they have pretty decent self-heal so I could see it. DHs also have passive 12% less magic damage taken + some Versatility usually.

    And I think avoidance helps, too, if I am not mistaken.
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    It's important to understand why the DH is the go to choice after the rogues.

    A caveat: This is how I figure this should work, we have not actually tried it. But we don't have a rogue either, so I'm trying to think how this should work when we get to Tich.

    The rogues can use feint to reduce the dmg, and self heal and so on. We all know that.

    What you need to be aware of with the DH is that this all requires them to use Metamorphosis (4 min cd unless you have shoulders+convergence trinket) when they have the debuff. The netherwalk cd is just to survive the initial hit.

    So the debuff lasts 40 secs, and metamorphosis lasts 30 seconds. Meta gives you 30% leech as a DH.

    So you spec like this:

    What this means is that:

    1: Demonic (tier 110 talent) gives you another 8 seconds of Metamorphosis when you use eye beam, and they stack.
    2: tier 108 talent means that popping Meta resets the cd of eye beam
    3: Tier 99 talent means that you are eye beaming for longer = a bit more big heal on yourself for a while
    4: tier 100 is demon blades in the normal spec, but there is no point playing this with demonic and blind fury, you want to get more orbs appear, so they can lower your cd on eye beam, thus giving you more metamorphosis uptime

    So, how does this play out for Tich?

    When the DH soaks the initial seeker swarm, he pops netherwalk when it is about to hit.

    He then pops blur (lower dmg taken for 10 secs)

    He then pops eye beam. 8 secs meta up now

    He then does metamorphosis (trickiest time, because while metamorph activates, he is not doing damage for 1-1.5 secs), adding another 30 secs to his meta.

    By this time he should have about enough metamorph to outlast the entire debuff. However, due to Demon Reborn, he can pop another eye beam, and thus add even more time to his metamorph.

    From here on out, it's a question of spam healing him, and him doing as much damage as possible (picking up orbs is crucial for this, and can normally be achieved just by wiggling the character a bit), to heal himself.

    IF there is a way to make the DH able to survive the initial seeker swarm hit without netherwalk (no idea if this is possible with some sort of external cd), then speccing soul rending in tier 104 would be immensely powerful, effectively giving him 100% leech from his damage.

    Not sure all of this is possible for the 2nd and 3rd phase without shoulder+convergence trinket for the DH, his metam would probably not be up again.

    Anyone have an actual experience if all this works? Looks pretty on paper

    EDIT: Our DH just chimed in and informed me that the DH is actually immune while Metamorphosis is activating. If this can then be timed correctly (very very tight), then you don't need to spec netherwalk and could get Soul Rending instead. Sick shit.

    Seeker swarm is a cast time ability, so should be perfectly doable to do this.
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