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    Fury Logs

    Hi there,

    Still relatively low ilvl, but wanted to see if I was making any major mistakes before I start playing this more heavily in 7.2. Here are some logs from our alt night.

    Thanks in advance

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    You seem to have Avatar macroed to something that'll pop it on cooldown, which works on shorter fights like Anomaly because the first 2 avatars will line up with BC but will go off sync on longer fights.

    Same with blood fury, you used it on cooldown and your 4 min avatar and blood fury both were wasted outside your battle cry.

    Other than that I wasn't able to see any major issues besides than the obvious no old wars, but I'm guessing you just don't use them on alt raids.

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    Everything seems to be fine far as enrage uptime and CD management goes. I'd say the one thing that holds you back the most is the low haste and the not so BiS trinkets. Oozeling in a jar is decent but you absolutely want to go for that CoF/DoS combo.

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    Your CD usage is off. It's going to change when you get DoS or CoF (or both), but until you do your Odyn's Fury should always be used inside BC and you use hold Avatar and Blood Fury for the next BC. Don't ever use them outside of your BC window (unless they come up at the end of the fight and BC won't be coming back up before the boss dies).

    You can fit OF into every single BC and Avatar for every other BC window. You seem to be using OF towards the end of BC in some cases but you shouldn't do that. BC will fall off before the dot does and it won't crit causing less damage. BC + Ramp > RB > OF > BT > FS. This is so you fit OF into the window, avoid keeping RB off of it's CD, and BT before BC falls off to guarantee a refreshed Enrage.

    Obviously you need some more optimized gear for some haste in addition to your 4pc and better trinkets though, but you can at least fix your CD phases and CD usage which will increase your dps a bit more.

    Here's a Trilliax kill I did when I was the ilvl shown in your best Trilliax kill. Didn't have 4pc nor CoF (I still don't have DoS) though my wep was pretty low ilvl at the time. No higher than 880 I believe. Granted my kill was lower so I had a longer Execute phase, but my dps was an average of ~400K before execute phase even started. I slipped with Avatar at the end but it still gives a pretty good idea of what I mean.
    Timeline of my casts:
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    Thank you everyone for the insight, much appreciated.

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