<Padlords> located on Baelgun, We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild currently 6/10M Nighthold | 10/10H Nighthold | 7/7M EN & 2/3M ToV!

==| Recruitment Information |==

We raid Tuesday, Thursday & Monday | 8:00PM to 12:00PM EST (7PM-11PM CST)
(Wednesday is added on the first week of new content)

Looking for any exceptional raiders for Nighthold & Future Raids.

Current High Demand:
Holy Priest (HIGH)
Rogue (HIGH)

(Even if your class isn't listed we will always consider)

==| Contact Information |==


Ingame / Battletags:
Magikilla - Tyraels#1495
Curgigga - Deamon#1918
Ozxd - Ozhu#11828
Skullztwo - Skullztwo#1656
Burgertwo - Burger#11392