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    level 20-25 heroes

    Since most of the quick games I play, go late or really late, I am looking for a list of heroes that might be weak in early game, but shine later.

    From my extremely limited experience something like:

    The Butcher

    Am I right wrong? Which heroes am I missing?
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    Probably add in Azmodan to this list. If you are doing the Taste for Blood quest which usually takes most of the game to do you know have a true AOE bomb that kills. Prior to that you're OK as long as you play safely.

    Support wise I think Uther fits this list. I feel Uther is very lack luster early on but when you get Harden Focus at level 16 which lowers your cooldowns by 50% when you are above 80% health you go from zero to hero IMO.
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    Nazeebo is the most dramatic example; the spider hyper carry. Vile Infection at 20 coupled with Spider Colony at 16 is devastating and catapult Nazeebo's damage numbers.

    Be advised though, Naz is mostly below average before this point so you'll want to be sure the game is going to go late.
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    Sgt. Hammer! Rocket ulti!

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    Looking at HL data, the four strongest should be Hive Master Anub with 71,7%, Nexus Blades Butcher with 71.3, Vile Infection Nazeebo with 69.1 and Making Inky Murky with 68.4. Unless I missed it, nobody else with a Lv 20 talent above 65%. Hotslogs uses 30 days of data, if you filter by QM & game length; but the results are eerily similar.

    edit; correction: Artanis and Tracer have one Lv 20 talent between 65 and 66%, Tyrande even two
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    Leoric becomes an absolute beast with the level 20 talent Spectral Leech, which is a 5% giant killer with an added lifesteal. With it Leoric is very hard to win in 1v1 and can in some cases win 2v1 fights against tanks and kill Cho'Gall alone.

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    By win rate, these end game heroes win rate does not increase that much vs other heroes. it seems like the win rate only really increases like 12% going from level 1 talent to 20.
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    Rexxar if you keep him alive can get +2000 hp for himself and Misha in the late game from his level 4 talent, making them near immortal.

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    Nazeebo can become an immortal beast eventually. Especially if the enemy team does little auto-attack damage and you can take the huge passive magic armor.

    Also, Nova. I don't have any concrete reasons to give for this but at very high levels her burst feels godly. Maybe it is her AA damage that scales very well, but I feel it gets easier and easier to melt big health pools the longer the game goes on for.

    Also Rexxard if you can stay alive somehow. From one point onwards Misha has so much health that she just gets ignored in teamfights which is great.

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    Lucio massive powerspike at lvl 16 with Rejuvenescência
    Sonya becomes a beast with both lvl 16 and lvl 20 Def Talents

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    Abathur is a late game monster. His locusts scale really well in the late game and he can put pressure on the enemy in various ways that unless you catch him, you will have a hard time dealing with it.

    Greymane also scales really well because of the talents. His Cocktail build with the completed quest talent can take 1/3 of an Assassin's health if hit and can do so to an entire team if piled up. Executioner at lvl 16 melts any target he comes across when the right conditions are met and at 20 he gets the ability to apply this to his ranged auto attacks as well as melee cleave, creating a lot of damage potential. The upgraded lvl 20 Go For the Throat is also pretty good now, so you can wipe an entire team with your ulti if you manage to chain it correctly.

    If you manage to reach lvl 20 as Kael'thas with the completed Flamestrike quest, you could pretty much win the game by default. He has so much range and damage on his Flamestrike that you can permanently zone the enemy team before they even get the chance to engage. That's how good Kael'thas is in the late game.
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    Tassadar is a god at lvl 20 with his new Archon talent. it's literally a permanent Archon as long as you keep attacking.

    Azmodan with forced recruitment at 20. Too bad Azmodan games never get to lvl 20 anymore though.

    Anub'arak with rewind, stuns for days.

    None of them is weak at early lvls but they do get significantly stronger at 20.
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    Lunara becomes deadly later on at lvl 16. Varian is weak early game, but at lvl 10, he becomes very useful.
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    I agree to previous posters. Nazeboo can carry very easily at 20+ even turn games completely. Azmo also very strong but requires dumb enemy (dont soak lanes against his demons, random brawls instead of playing the map then getting swarmed)
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