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    [A] (Ravencrest-EU) Looking for partner guild to do mythic raiding with

    We're currently looking for a partner guild on RAVENCREST to do mythic raiding together with. "Raid partners" Merge not nessesary.

    Our current roster is composed of 16 active players with 900+ ilvl, 54 traits and we all raided previous content on hc/mythic when avail.

    We have plenty offspec/alts to run with aswell, so versatile lineup.
    Were looking for a similar guild, that stands with a good, but half group of people to raid mythic content together with.

    Our current raiding times is 20-23 CET monday + wensday.
    Days not to be fixed. We sometimes do 3 days of raiding as well without biggie, but were all grownups, so cant raid earlier then 20 cet.

    Our current progress: wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Cant+Handle+Progress

    If interrested please add me on bnet Drenai#2268

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    updated post.
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