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    Alliance 2 Players (Prot Warrior/MM Hunter) LF new home/Mythic raiding

    First off, hello everyone!

    As the title says, my girlfriend and I are currently looking for a new guild and server to run with. We have a very strong preference for Alliance right now, having grown tired of Horde. We will cover ALL costs of transferring ourselves.

    Our Classes and Roles

    As far as available characters, I main a Protection Warrior, and she is currently maining Marksman Hunter. Both are around 890-900. She also has a Boomkin at a decent level/gear, although it has fallen behind on gear. I myself have everything at 110 and 25 AK (will be transferring everything regardless of main), although none of them are notably geared although I can gear them quickly if needed.

    Our Experience

    For experience, we do vary in that regard, so I will start with myself. I started playing in early Vanilla on Azgalor, and had done some light raiding as a Protection Warrior back then. I mained protection warrior through my entire raiding career, with few brief exceptions. In BC, I raided more seriously, getting to Brutallus in Sunwell before my guild collapsed and I chose to take it easy until Wrath.

    Once there, I again raided seriously, being the add tank in one of only 5 guilds on Azgalor to get 10 OS 3 Drake. Drama again caused a collapse od my guild shortly after Ulduar, and real life circumstance had me leaving anyway, as I deployed to Basic.

    In Cataclysm, I raided more casually. I got through at least normals of Bastion, Firelands, and Dragon Soul, but I don't recall what, if any, Heroic progress. I did not play at all during Pandaria.

    In Warlords, I met my girlfriend, and we got AOTC for all 3 raids, and got up to Iron Reaver mythic. This is the timeframe I mained a brewmaster for a bit, before wanting to go back to my warrior.

    At Legion launch, we joined a more serious guild, getting AOTC on the second week of Emerald Nightmare. However, due to real life issues, we took a break from the game, coming back just after Nighthold's launch. We have since pugged AOTC for ToV, and our raid guild we do H Gul'dan every week, although she has been asked to sit for it and hasn't gotten AOTC. We are also 1/10M.

    Her experience starts with casual raiding in Icecrown. She maintained a casual pace through Cataclysm as well. She was playing resto druid at these times, but picked up prot warrior in Dragon Soul. She then mained thst through more serious raiding in Pandas, getting every AOTC. She played prot warrior for most of Warlords, switching to bear for Hellfire, getting AOTC on all 3 raids there too. Come Legion, she switched to Boomkin during Emerald Nightmare, and recently picked up Marksman Hunter during Nighthold.

    She can get a little skittish and panicky at times, which does impact her ability. In our current environment though, we don't have any people or the like who are capable to help her, and I myself do not know how to teach my calm and focus to her. A mentor to help her as well would be ideal.

    Quick Recap & Logs

    Me: 898 prot warrior, everything 110 and 25 AK, needs geared.
    Full AOTC last 2 expansions, multiple periods of high level content.

    Her: Upper 890s Marksman Hunter, 880+ Boomkin, possible warrior or paladin. Maybe.
    Full AOTC last 2 expansions, some recent higher level experience, could use some tips and help

    Time Availability

    Due to my likely new job, we are looking primarily something later in the evenings, starting 8pm MST (10pm EST) or later. 2-3 days a week is preferable, but willing to raid more/less for a proper group.


    If you are interested, please leave a reply or send a PM. Alternately, you can add us on bnet. My btag is Fethend#1781, and hers is Savagekin#11929.

    Note: We have another friend. He is brand new to WoW, but has stated some interest as well. Right now, he has a bear at 110, and is leveling a warlock.

    - - - Updated - - -

    And we have internet and are online and playing again!

    - - - Updated - - -

    Still looking for a new group! Willing to stay Horde, we just would prefer to go Ally!
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