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    4/10M 905 Ele/903 Lock/903 HPal LF Guild

    Hey everyone,

    Our guild peacefully decided to stop raiding because of the roster boss. We're all 4/10M with over 100 attempts on Spellblade and got her to 9% pre-nerf.

    The 3 of us are looking to relocate permanently to a new guild. We are willing to server xfer for the right guild.

    We have some specific criteria for the guild we're looking to join:
    • Guild must be 4/10M min or higher.
    • We can only raid 10pm EST - 1am EST (7pm PST-10pm PST), extensions are fine
    • 2-3 day per week guild with the days being any assortment of Tues, Weds, Thurs, or Sun.
    • Preferably Horde
    • We like to come together to bolster your roster. If you are concerned about how people act with "package" deals, you will not get that behavior from us. We are familiar with the trial process and are all willing to prove ourselves.

    We are all dedicated raiders that take our commitments seriously. We will not flake if progression gets difficult (we dealt with other players doing that in our previous guild) and will fully commit to our new guild. We all had a perfect attendance record of 100% in our previous guild.
    All of us have a M+ score above 1,500 from running +20 keys and farm M+ in order to have the best stat prioritization on our gear.

    Ele Shaman: 54/ (50 Resto) - Has 7/10 Ele legendaries. Just received BiS ring last week. Note: Willing to flex to resto on some occasions, but far better output in ele.

    Affliction Warlock: 54 (49 Demo) 6/10 Aff legendaries with BiS Helm & 1 Demo Legendary

    Holy Paladin: 54/ (54 Prot) 9/10 Holy Legendaries with 2 BiS

    Thanks for reading! Feel free to add me (I'm the ele) at Hajari#1287 or Kicker03#1475 (the lock).

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    Enlightened Dark Horde US-Hyjal; Semi-hardcore raiding guild focused on Mythic raiding.

    Raid times:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays 8pm-11pm PST.
    Current Progression:
    Normal: Cleared
    Heroic: Cleared
    Mythic: 3/10M (Main Progression)

    Normal: Cleared
    Heroic: Cleared
    Mythic: 0/3M
    Who we are looking for:
    Minimum requirements: 890ilvl, 45 traits on weapon. Committed attitude to make it to most raids.

    Any DPS at the moment.
    Recruitment Officer (me)
    Bnet: JJGagnon#1601
    Discord: JJ#4443

    Bnet: Amarok#1446
    Discord: Amarok#5153

    Or leave a reply below.
    Please have relevant logs handy.
    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Thanks for reading and happy raiding!

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    <Dark Society> is a 10/10H horde guild that is very close to having a full mythic roster, and we are currently recruiting 1 healer (especially a holy pally) and a couple of dps. We have a casual atmosphere, but are serious during progression. We also run mythic + regularly, and are definitely willing to help people out! We are on the Frostmane/Ner’zhul/Tortheldrin cluster.

    Our raid times are
    Mon 8-11 CST
    Thu 8-11 CST
    Sat 8-12 CST

    We have only been around since September, but we have a very strong core that loves the guild and is totally committed to it. Our guild is low drama and we like to have a good time. If you are interested and want to talk more, feel free to either PM me here or add me on bnet, #SpookyGhost1176

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    [H] <Filthy Millenials> 6/10 Currently in need of exceptional RDPS for our core mythic raid group. We offer paid transfers.

    We do pay attention to dps, however what we watch for as much, if not more, is whether or not you do mechanics.

    We raid Tues/Wed from 8-11pm EST. Optional heroic run Thursday.

    Feel free to message me with any questions.
    Bnet: wsteelman#1468

    i understand you want to start at 10 est, but if you could make 8 EST work, we would love to have you.

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