We are a group of three IRL friends looking for a mythic raiding guild. We've been raiding together on and off since WotLK so we know how a raiding environment works within a guild.

We currently have 3/10 mythic experience (the Shadow Priest has 4/10 mythic) and we are looking for a horde guild with at least the same experience. We are dedicated players, knowledgeable of our classes and with commitment to the team. You can expect from us reliable players with the will to improve that come prepared for every raid.

As for my myself, I have been playing Prot Warrior since WotLK (started playing on TBC) making this my main character for a long time with years of experience in raiding environments.

Our preferred raid times are from 20:00 to 01:00 CET, with our preferred raiding days being Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We can server transfer without a problem.


Prot Warrior: Doomsmasher-Turalyon
S.Priest: Hawtchick-Turalyon
Warlock: Blackdraught-Turalyon

Feel free to contact me here or ingame for further questions.
My BTag: Doomsmasher#2878