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    Because I'm bad at it without wanting to spend time on learning it, and I get mad when I lose.

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    For me: because it never progressed my character. The only time I did pvp was those few times when it was useful to get pvp gear to raid/do dungeons with.
    I never understood why you would want to pvp in a game like WoW anyway, there are plenty of actual pvp games out there that are better balanced and have better pvp systems.

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    I can't speak for the majority of the WoW population, but I hate PVP, It's so boring, I tried it out ones and it was like those 20 minutes turned into 4 hours. Also the story behind it makes zero sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustRob View Post
    Because I suck at it. I don’t wanna get killed all the time.
    My reason 2 so you are not alone my friend /hug

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    It's not because player level, or because It is difficult to do. It's just that this game is a pve focused game with pvp features. I mean, when you play Overwatch or LoL you certainly know you are entering an arena, a closed map where your objective is purely PvP. Meanwhile, people who enter wow, usually do tons of different things, and only a percentage of those do PvP. It's not that few people do PvP, just that there are like other 209831298312301238 things to do.

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    When you do pve, you actually win. In pvp, you lose almost as often as you win. You kill some, then get killed, its more stressful than pve, there s often more toxicity than in a pve environment, etc.. Many people don't enjoy that, others do. Same as raiding, many players enjoy it, i actually would fall asleep when raiding for the legendary quest line..

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    Wow pvp is a tiny thing. Why on earth would I play pvp in wow, when I can play another game to satisfy my hunger for competition?

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    I do not enjoy PvP in WoW as much as I have done in other MMORPGs. I believe that arena-based pvp is not fitting in a MMORPG, even though I can understand the reason for it. WoW-PvP is focused too much on crowdcontrol. Personally I think PvP in a mmorpg is at its best when its tied to the world and the environment.
    Like for example controlling cities and regions for rewards of powerful meaning. If you ignore gameplay issues and server population problems and just look for pure awesome,
    I would love to be able to conquer faction hubs. Just imagine how cool it would be for the alliance to reclaim Lordaeron in a player based PvP event or for the Horde to raze Stormwind. (It will never happen but this is the type of PvP I would be interested in)
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    Why would you play pvp in WoW -or any hotbar mmo for that matter- when you can load up any game like titanfall 2, Tekken 7, or pubg and have a vastly better experience that is designed from the ground up for player vs player challenge whereas in mmorpgs its a side niche never given enough attention and development focus? Neckbeard rambling about this weeaboo trash

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    I have been catching the transmog bug of late so this weekend i decided to "farm" some Marks of honor/Echos of Battle from random BGs and Ashran. This is the first PVP i have done since beta. And i cannot believe how stale and tedious it was. I spent maybe 5 hours on Saturday PVPing and despite winning two Trashrans and 4-5 BGs i have absolutely fuck all to show for it other than a bad time, some honor levels i dont care about, and exactly zero Marks of Honor or pvp pieces that i could oblit for Echos. This is quite literally the least productive activity in the game.

    Oh but hey, i did get some of that utterly useless ivl 700 gear from the Ashran boxes, so i made a couple hundred gold. In 5 hours. Yay...

    I will admit though that the Ashran fights, while pretty boring, were infinitely preferable to the BGs. At least there there is some semblance of tactics in play.

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