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    [A] 908 Boomkin (Equipped) 7/10m achieved lf guild

    As the title says, currently 7/10m with sub 10% wipes on auger. Guild unfortunately lost some key members due to rl issues and decided to go our separate ways. I can play all druid specs as viable offspecs if required, in addition have a 895 Mage alt i can use if needed for early split runs in ToS. I've raid lead the majority of the expansion, but would prefer to maintain a lesser role from now on. I feel like i'm a fairly competent player with a positive attitude, and willingness to self-improve to achieve team goals.

    What i'm looking for:
    • 2/3 days per week
    • 8PM CST or later
    • 6/10M Minimum
    • Relaxed raid atmosphere
    • Staying Alliance (0 flexibility)

    Feel free to inquire for logs or to setup an interview over discord.

    Battletag: doitwithdave#11545

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    Hey man, sorry about the guild issues. So you're a little ahead of us as far as progression, but I figured I'd respond anyways. We're a very relaxed raiding guild and have a pretty fun time overall. Here's our info. Normally, I'd add you to talk in game, but seeing as we're only 5/10M, I'll let you make the call on if you want to reach out. We should be 6/10M in another 2-3 hours (or less) of progression on Tich.

    <Ring of Outlaws> on Windrunner (Alliance). Currently we are 5/10M and raid Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 7:30-10:30 PST. In a nutshell, our guild has a very friendly and semi-casual environment, but we keep a strong focus on mythic progression. I would be interested in speaking with you regarding joining our raid team. Feel free to add my btag (Wisk#1931) and I can give you any more info you need.

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    Sent you a request.
    I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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    Stoic is one of Bonechewer's oldest guilds; active since vanilla. We are on the Alliance side on the US-Reckoning battlegroup. Stoic is a group of friends who enjoy playing video games with each other, defeating challenging encounters, and pvping. We are an inclusive guild, whose members include many genders, nationalities, sexual orientations, races, and ethnicities. We value loyalty, respect, and being awesome.

    We currently have several openings in our "Wipes at 1%" (7/10 Mythic) raid team:
    • Ranged dps (especially moonkin, hunter, warlock)

    We raid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. 8 pm - 11 pm CST (server time).

    Our raid team's goal is to completely clear each raid tier before the next one is released. We expect a fairly high level of dedication and attendance from our members, but are accommodating of players needing to take a night off occasionally. We want players to avoid burning out, to enjoy the challenge of mythic progression, and to build lasting friendships within the guild.

    We keep our roster lean, so that we don't have to bench many players. While we consider ourselves hardcore, we don't do split runs, nor do we require players to switch to the "best" class at the time. We do however expect players to excel at their class, to understand how to optimize their talents for different encounters, and to learn how play multiple same-role specs of their class (AP, legendary permitting).

    More information can be found at www.stoic-bonechewer.com/recruitment or you can contact me with questions at darkinertia#1386

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    Hey Tarrastar

    I'm not going to just post our guild spam here, but rather a short and sweet message to tell you a bit about Business Class on Sargeras. We've been around since the middle of SOO, so you know we're not going to fall apart like those other guilds. We're adults, which means we don't just rage at each other when the progression is rough. Below are the basics, I hope to hear from you.

    Raid: T/W/T 7:45-11 Server
    Progression: 8/10M
    Loot: Loot Council + 1 core raider (changes weekly)
    Web: BC-Guild.com
    And me: Rowin#1764

    If you're interested in a stable environment, please check us out.

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    Midnight Sanctuary is a Stormrage Alliance raiding guild that's been around for many years. We're always looking for potential players that meets our late night schedule and are able to perform in a competitive, yet friendly raid environment.

    Our History:
    Tier 19 - EN/ToV/NH - US 57th
    Tier 18 - Hellfire Citadel - US 77th
    Tier 17 - Highmaul - US 66th / BRF - US 44th
    Tier 16 - Siege of Ogrimmar - US 67th
    Tier 15 - Throne of Thunder - US 24th
    Tier 14 - MSV/HoF/ToES - US 23rd (Realm Firsts)
    Tier 13 - Dragon Soul - US 30th (Realm First)
    Tier 12 - Firelands - US 72nd
    Tier 11 - BWD/BoT/ToFW - US 96th
    Tier 10 - Icecrown Citadel - US 152th

    Current Progression:
    10/10M Nighthold
    3/3M Trials of Valor
    7/7M Emerald Nightmare

    Raid Schedule:
    Mon-Thurs 12AM-3AM (Eastern Standard Time)

    Current progression needs:
    Ranged DPS: Priest(high), Shaman(high), Mage, Druid, Warlock
    Melee DPS: Druid(high), Warrior(high), Hunter(high), Rogue, Paladin
    Healer: Priest(high), Paladin
    Tank: N/A
    We will also consider any exceptional applicants as well, so feel welcome to apply.

    Kuhz#1979 || Kuhz-Stormrage

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    [A] Midnight Sanctuary 10/10M (7+ yrs)
    Mon-Thurs 12AM-3AM

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