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    Quote Originally Posted by Gatsbybutters View Post
    Right? Just move onto the next solid mmo like I've been doing since ultima... oh wait, blizzard made a bunch of money watering down the genre and everyone followed suite so it's back to eq1 until the next good mmo comes out.
    The genre went to shit and it's my fault because I bitched about bad video games on a video game forum (sad face).
    wait so now its blizzards fault that other mmo's suck? wow people will always find something to complain about....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordago View Post
    Nooblinka took all the fun out of instanced pvp with his shit templates. I'm not surprised people have lost interest.
    name calling only makes you look petty, and 'im sorry you cant out gear and smash random scubs.

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    Back in my day WSG queues were 1 hour and I had to walk 15 miles through Ashvenvale just to get to the portal. Damn spoiled kids.

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    If you are prestige 0 the queue times are about 1 min. If not, well get f*cked.

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    Looks like the separation of prestige 0 players into their own purgatory and people queuing mercenary for bonus honor are the reasons for these queue times. Either fast queues and horrible games at prestige 0 or long queues and good games beyond prestige 0. Waiting to see what's gonna happen when these people that obviously returned only for the patch inevitable quit in 2 weeks.

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    If you disable Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest your queue time should be a lot shorter.

    Works for me.

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    Merc mode slows the queues down quite a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riistov View Post
    Merc mode slows the queues down quite a bit.
    you mean speeds up right?

    if horde queue as alliance for +50% honor this in turn should speed up the horde queue times.

    it's like 6-8 minutes as horde 0-2 as ally, if i couldn't be alliance i imagine horde would be near 20 minutes.

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    I play on Darkspear.

    Alliance queue times are always less than a minute. The most, 2 minutes. Does not matter the time of day either.

    Horde? Minimum 8-10 minutes. Even if queueing with a group of 5 the least I've seen it is like 5 minutes. Not too bad.

    Are "battlegroups" still a thing?

    EDIT: 20 minute queue times??? What servers are you people playing on???
    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    This game clearly has some kind of supernatural hold on people. Not only do people still play it, but some people who don't play it still want to come on to the forums and spend their time talking about it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Artelia View Post
    Templates making pvp and bg boring. There is no usefull pvp gear anymore. What is point of going to bg?

    Which means you don't play for fun but just for the hamster wheel reward system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangetai420 View Post
    PVP is dead now that there is no gear - the carrot was strong.

    Which proves this game is total garbage. Everyone plays this game only for the skinner box carrot. Remove the carrot, and people suddenly don't find any "fun" in doing the same grind in pve or pvp for 10 years.

    I swear, WoW is just like any other generic f2p in terms of content depth, its just carrot on a stick

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