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    Alliance Brewmaster and Marks Hunter lf Mythic Progression Guild (HOME)

    Hello (please read ENTIRE post),

    Brewmaster / Prot Paladin Tank and MM / BM Hunter looking for a new raiding home.

    I am able to play either Tank for progression purposes but would prefer raiding on the Brewmaster currently in Nighthold as they are stronger for most fights. The hunter can play either spec proficiently and will swap depending on what is needed for any given fight.

    I am not looking to be a swing tank or extra tank. I am applying to your guild as a 1A / 1B tank and nothing else. I'm not interested in swapping to DPS at this time. If you don't have a tank spot available don't bother posting. The hunter is also looking for a full time raid spot, IE non-bench etc. We both believe we are solid enough players to attain a core spot on a nightly basis. That being said if there is someone looking to sub out to let another get loot we are all good with that. Mainly what i'm getting at is that we are looking for permanent spots and not a situation where we will be subbed out 2/3 days per week on a rotation schedule.

    -Our experience / gear / background-

    Here are the links to our characters on the armory:


    HFC (T18) - 13/13M
    EN - 7/7M
    ToV - 2/3M
    NH (T19) - 5/10M exp (Krosus and Tichondrius)

    Brewmaster - 41 Traits (new tree)
    Prot Paladin - 40 Traits (new tree)

    MM - 39 Traits (new tree)
    BM - 39 Traits (new tree)


    Brewmaster - Wrists, Prydaz, Stagger Ring, Belt
    Prot Paladin - Cons Ring, Belt, Prydaz, Boots, Wrists, Chest

    Hunter (universal legendaries) - Legs, Helm, Prydaz, Sephuz
    MM - Bursting Shot Wrists
    BM - 5% Pet Dmg Ring

    We are both solid, dependable raiders who are looking for a guild currently progressing in Mythic Nighthold. Above all else we are looking for the following attributes in the guild that we desire:

    - 2 or 3 night raiding schedule (starting at or after 7p CST on week nights. Weekend starts are more flexible).
    - Laid back but progression minded atmosphere.
    - Mature guild (ie over 21 preferred).
    - Non cliquey / social in discord / voice and guild chat.
    - Alliance guild (sorry not looking to faction swap at this time).
    - At least 3 bosses on farm in Mythic Nighthold (we aren't interested in anything less at this time).
    - Promote off night activities such as optional alt runs, off night mythic +, etc.
    -Tight knit, raider loyal roster

    (What I mean by this is that you're not actively trying to recruit new people over your existing raiders just because you're looking for the perfect player that can do 90-100th percentile dmg on each fight. By all means replace those who aren't coming to raids, underperforming, etc but not replacing those who have invested time and energy into showing up, performing well enough, etc.)

    - Understanding that this is a game first and meant for enjoyment.

    (We aren't looking to apply to a guild and make this a second job. We already work 1 and don't want 2. This is meant for us to have fun, perform in a team / competitive environment, kill stuff and get loot. That being said, we keep our characters prepared and ready for current content so we aren't a detriment to our group).

    We both come prepared to raids with food, flasks, proper gems and enchants, etc. We make our own potions as well if the guild doesn't provide any of the above. We utilize all major add ons such as DBM /Big Wigs, Weak Auras 2, ERT, etc for raiding. Both of us have high end, custom-built gaming desktops (i7 and 1070gtx) and 120mbps internet speeds so you won't find us having problems processing or running the game unless something happens with the ISP or DDOS.

    If you believe your guild fits our criteria and has 2 open roster positions for us as you stand currently, please leave your guild information, and btag in this thread.

    I will be checking it every couple of hours and reach out to you directly via btag and we can go to voice from there, etc if it's the right fit for us.

    Thanks for your time.


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    About the Guild:
    Top Horde Mythic Guild on Blackhand/Galakrond, <Ambiguously Offensive>, is opening recruitment for Legion. We have been raiding together for the entirety of Warlords of Draenor and plan to continue that through Legion and beyond.

    Guild Name: Ambiguously Offensive
    Faction: Horde
    Realm: (US) Blackhand / PvE
    Realm Timezone: Central
    Raid Times: 7-9 pm Server (8-10 pm EST)
    Progression: 4/10 Mythic Nighthold
    Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
    Voice Service: Discord

    What we expect:
    We expect commitment to the guild and our raid schedule. We understand that real life happens and won't punish you for that, but we need to be informed before hand if you will miss raid times. However, if it is a constant problem, we will have to seek replacements.
    Guild repairs and Raid items are supplied by the guild bank. All we ask in return is for raiders to do their part to help make sure that our bank stays stocked.
    We will not tolerate toxic behavior in Guild, Raid, or Trade chat. There is plenty of friendly competition and teasing to be had, but if any individual is known to regularly say or do things that make people uncomfortable or unsafe, they will be removed from guild.

    Contact us:
    Contact me on Battle.net:


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    (Horde) (3/10M)

    Currently recruiting for an IMMEDIATE core opportunity
    We are looking for raiders to have similar experience in current content or at least 3/10m with previous mythic progression raiding experience. Please have logs for us to look through if you are interested in a trial/interview.

    A little about us:

    Hello raiders,
    If you are looking for a casual raid environment with competent raiders that can push the content quickly and still keep up with other semi-hardcore guilds with a lax schedule of 3 nights per week (9 hours) we are for you. We actively partake in discussions on our guild forums whether it be boss strategies, class discussions, or just general bs'ing, feel free to check out our website I guarantee you it’s a step above the others.

    If you are heavy into raiding and you have friends that are not, they are welcome to join and hang out as well.

    We are not elitist here, but we do have high expectations for those who do choose to participate in raiding. As in consistently and constantly doing the best you can to improve yourself and your rotation for your specific class, having your consumables for progression fights, artifact weapon maxed or near max, gear being fully optimized (enchanted, gemmed, and with the correct stat prioritization)(The guild will help with this just ask). Do your research, participate in our guild forum discussions know the boss fights, we are not here to hold your hand through progression.

    Our raid times are as follows: In central standard time

    Tuesday: 7pm-10
    Wednesday: 7pm-10
    Thursday: 7pm-10

    We also do "Alt" raids over the weekend on a regular basis for any who would like to participate for some easy gearing and just have fun enjoying the game.

    For more information or to join and trial contact any of the following or visit our guild website and apply using the new applications template on the forum, and reference this forum:


    Real ID-:

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    Guild Name: Bedlam
    GM: Morrie#1378
    Backup contacts if GM offline: Skuzal#1951, Rothulian#1762
    Realm: US-Hyjal (PvE)
    Faction: Horde
    Current Progression | 7/7M | 3/10M
    Schedule: Wed, Thurs, Fri, 8:30pm - 11:30pm EST.

    All DPS Classes (yes, this even includes melee)
    Any Healing spec that isn't a Holy Paladin


    Core members have been around since WotLK. We've always attempted to complete "Cutting Edge" (mythic version) as attendance allows. That will continue and will not change, we simply need some bodies.

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