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    Lightbulb 7.2 Challenge Scenario (Artifact Appearance) strats/tips

    Mod Edit: This thread contains a plethora of useful information regarding the artifact challenge for Demon Hunters, mostly relating to Havoc. Almost every page contains very useful information/tips and it is absolutely worth browsing through if you need assistance. As there is so much information I am not going to quote any of it in the OP (it would be way, way too much to fit) but even if you only skim through you're bound to find some great tips. If you have any questions, reading through these posts will answer most of them.

    Note: It may be worth starting on higher page numbers (ie later posts) to find more relevant information as strategies have updated over time and they are more likely to take any potential changes/hotfixes into consideration.

    Mage Tower is live on NA servers.

    I was able to get to Phase 2... and then pretty much died immediately.

    I died pretty quickly in Phase 1 as well, for our normal spec (222X111)... so I tried out 3323333 w/ Raddon's and it seemed to work VERY well.

    Just save Eye Beam for the Ice Shards and you're in perma Meta basically... but then had no clue what to do in Phase 2 and died.

    Any thoughts/suggestions here? Armory for reference
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    New challenge scenario strat/experience so far

    I have tried both veng and havoc.

    For havoc you start on Malygos's platform with an evil bastard.

    Phase one he casts a moderately damaging 1.5sec cast no cd frost bolt. interrupt as many as you can.
    he will teleport away and leave you in a wall of ice being bombarded by frost lances, you must burn the wall around you to exit, deals high damage longer you are inside, and each little sub boulder/wall is 1.1mil hp, you must bust thru at least 5 quickly and get to wherever boss has ported to. (best specc I have found so far is a 3,3,2,3,2,3,3. using fel eruption to interrupt boss, or use it to destroy the wall (unneeded with helm legendary as you just eyebeam yourself twice out of wall) you need some sort of leech or self heal, massive self healing unless I am doing it wrong (demonic build solves this) I had to do this ~3 times to have his 180mil hp hit 90%.

    Phase two he splits into what looks like 50 images spread across the platform each inside its own personal safety bubble spam casting a 2sec cast that will push you out of bubble. if you touch the ground it ticks for 3mil dmg. if floating its ~500k/ sec. you can double jump out of the safety bubble when cast is about to complete if no interrupt is available or you cant kill him (maybe more difficult for other builds built around demonblades). so far I have cleared about 15 images before the damage gets too overwhelming. furthest I have gone.

    For vengeance an inquisitor is who needs to die. he must have drain life interrupted and periodically spawns eyes that must be killed asap. I spent most of my time on havoc so not too far into it, but got him to ~70% just picking up adds, focusing on killing eyes and setting a /focus interrupt macro to handle the high damage on velan. I went in about 5 times with a 1,3,1,2,2,1,3 build. used barrier @ 5 and sued soulcarver to turbo charge it to avoid a drain life on myself to leave interrupts available for later.

    both sets are ~900ilvl (havoc is 42% crit, 43% mastery, Vengeance is a balanced everything set with ~6.7mil hp)

    any ideas?
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    There's an annoying eyebeam delay sometimes making phase 1 progress frustrating...

    Very hit or miss, I haven't made it to phase 2 yet

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    Ive been double jumping/double fel rush over the ice and using imprison on him while making my way over. hurts really bad but you can heal up while demo form when you enter. Still cant figure out phase two yet. Ive been using spectral sight to find him but cant seem to get to him yet

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    Outdated tips.

    well, wiping there too.

    Tips i noticed:

    - You can DoubleJump the iceshards instead of destroying it.
    - You can also use Metamorphosis to get out of it as a panic buttom(i do not recommend tho)
    - abuse of Interrupt/Stun/CC to avoid his casts and reduce incoming damage.
    - Destroying ice shards makes a pool of souls that you can use to either reset Eye Beam and Heal yourself.


    - His original self shows on Mini-map.
    - Everytime you kill his copy, he created a bubble where you can use to healyourself and avoid damage.
    - Watch out for cast bars, if you felrush into a mirrorimage while hes casting he will knock you out and will probably be a wipe.

    i think Demonic is easier because of the leech, you don't even need to use Metamorphosis on P1.

    i'm stuck at p2 because i'm a retard who can't keep cool.

    GreenFire warlock memories. haha
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    Figured out phase 2. Phase 3 is easy and good for getting your CDs back. Just make sure to interrupt his drain power ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeachPug View Post
    Figured out phase 2. Phase 3 is easy and good for getting your CDs back. Just make sure to interrupt his drain power ability.
    What build are you using and what item level are you? We need information please, every little bit helps with content like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slaphappyhobbit View Post
    what build are you using and what item level are you? We need information please, every little bit helps with content like this.
    897 dh, 3321213

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeachPug View Post
    897 dh, 3321213

    Hey! thanks for sharing all this info man, really helpful.

    Can I be a pain and ask for you to send some screen shots of the task - it would be great to see what you're facing, and maybe we can work out strats on here?


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    For the last 10% phase, the voidling that spawns casts and puts a seed on you. Once the seed expires it summons 3 mini voidlings that heal the boss if it reaches it. What you do is run the fuck away during seed with felrush/vengeful retreat, then stun them and aoe it down hard. Use drums on pull and you'll drums again on 10% phase.

    One more thing i discovered is during the seed cast by the void boss, don't interrupt him, but instead run away within 3-5 secs to drop off your debuff which summons adds, as far away as possible from the void boss, then run back and interrupt and continue dpsing. But you'll need a lot of dps to kill those 3 adds quickly
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    I really hope it is up for EU today. I need dem flaming warglaives to complete my Demon Hunter of Silvermoon xmog

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shirofune View Post
    I really hope it is up for EU today. I need dem flaming warglaives to complete my Demon Hunter of Silvermoon xmog
    It's 86% done.. I doubt it.

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    For those who aren't in DH discord -

    This challenge for Havoc HAS been completed by so far 2 known DH's both are about 905 equipped. Their choice in legendary was Chest+Prydaz
    they ran 2/2/2/1/3/2/1

    Some of their advice

    Phase Ice - Double jump out of prisons and rotate interrupts
    Phase Darkness - Immediately Double Fel rush or Meta or netherwalk to him to break him out of cloak. dodge comets and phase
    Phase Void - only kill the first 2 sets out of 3 add in this phase. Do not interrupt.
    the last phase add? pull it to edge at start, stay right on edge of shadow crap on edge of room, when he channels run away, stun adds, vengeful retreat slow them, you have a while til they get back to him

    TIP: alot of people are saying you need to be able to sustain 1.5 mil DPS to take down the voiding but apparently you can completely ignore it and burst down boss in last phase.

    TIP: Use meta as a healing CD not a burst

    TIP: you basically just rotate heal CDs, blur brings you to 100%, stunning the ice adds brings you to 100%,meta brings you to 100%

    This is just some of the info shared i kinda through together real fast.. if you want a clearly explanation join the discord and ask. I've personally blew 4k nethershards already and near giving up. good luck to everyone.

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    Build - 1,3,2,2,3,1,2

    Strat that has been working for me; Pop PP pot, jump in and burn Inquisitor to 80%. Requires demonic infusion, meta, and fracture spam. At this point you should have 5 to 6 stacks of D&D. Clear eyes while waiting for elementals and D&D to drop. Go back on boss when D&D falls off, with elementals, AoE with sigil and abysmal strikes. Interrupt the Nether Storm cast *AFTER* it has gone off with Arcane Torrent. If you Interrupt before the cast has finished they will immediately begin casting again. If you Interrupt while they are channeling you will likely kill them before another cast since the ability goes on CD. Using arcane torrent on the first set is important so you have contingency holy orbs should something hairy happena and you need a heal or an interrupt.

    Stare at eyes while they are up and you are dealing with boss and adds. Only clear eyes when you have to drop D&D and no elementals are up. Avoid stacking higher than 4 D&D other than the first burst phase.

    DPS boss as often as possible when you reset D&D. After the first set of elementals all subsequent can be interrupted with velens holy orb blinds. This also puts you in a good position to dps the boss.

    Infernals that periodically spawn need to be kited through death and decay to shrink. As they shrink cleave them if they get close while avoiding the smash attacks.

    If done properly you should always have "Oh shit" healing orbs and silences for everything.

    When Inquisitior dies Kruul comes down and the other DH is freed. I've only made it to those phase twice.

    My observations of phase 2 are as follows;

    Black laser tethers reminiscent of creeping doom travel across the platform. Kruul casts a spell called Twisted Reflection that I believe needs to be interrupted, it heals him for 5% when you deal damage to him. He puts a green AoE fire on the ground that slows you heavily. He casts an ability called annihilate that gets stronger the longer the fight goes on. First cast hit me for 3 mil.

    Elementals and Infernals persist through this phase and transition into this phase from first phase. I'd suggest timing it if you can so that as little is alive as possible. Eyes do not persist in p2.

    Deal with Elementals the same way and Infernals I think might need to be kited through green fire on the ground? Can't confirm. Best attempt was 22% on Kruul.

    My legendaries were Prydaz and Fragment. 907 equipped. I switched to DPS trinkets because most damage can be dealt with through proper CD usage and Velen's orbs. Super tough fight. Sorry for any typos or grammatical errors. I'm super tired and using my phone which is probably auto correcting everything.

    Good luck. Will post again tommorow if I make any more progress.
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    I found a video of someone (not me) doing the challenge successfully for havoc...

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    So, as I see, P1 is kind of trivial, all you gotta do is rotate interrupt and FE. If you've Raddon's you can Eye Beam the prison instead of running away from it and get some healing out of it.

    P2 looks like a pain in the ass. If you're not fast picking up the target, you're pretty much dead. Probably requires a lot of effort, gotta test it ingame when the tower is up on EU.

    And P3 looks like a burst phase? Burst the big thing down and go away when the adds spawn + burst them down. All of that without the shadow AoE covering all the room.

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    Yeah... From what I saw, it also looked like the person swapped talents between the two phases, from Demonic to Chaos Blades, for better single target burst. I wonder what the gear threshold is, for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nox597 View Post
    Yeah... From what I saw, it also looked like the person swapped talents between the two phases, from Demonic to Chaos Blades, for better single target burst. I wonder what the gear threshold is, for this?
    Yeah, he did. And went full nuts on the add, just running away from when the adds are spawn, saving FotI for them

    I'm not in home atm, search for the guy in NA armory.

    Which legendaries is he running?
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    The Vengeance one seems incredibly random. There's a few bugs as well, multiple times I've just had Inquisitor go mobile and chase me around the room, makes it impossible to ever drop stacks, just lost pulls. Outside of that I'm not sure what to do if he spawns adds 4 times in a row and Velen only does 1 circle. You can silence and fear them, but that 4th one is death. Looks like Guardian druids are able to stun him off the bat and prevent him from ever casting the death aura, which makes the first part hilariously easy. Just handle the adds and DPS him down.

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