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    Veng DH tank looking for a Mythic guild

    Hi there. I've posted a few places in my search for a new raiding home and it's been pretty ineffective honestly. I'll be as specific as possible to prevent wasting any ones time. My guild stopped raiding when we were 3/10M due in large part to burnout with the AP grind etc. We were a fairly competitive guild in the top 200 in the US at the time so I'm used to putting in the time to be the best at what I do. I was the raid leader so I know all the ins and outs of swapping people/sitting when needed and I also know my class very well. I do my homework outside of raids including PTR testing when possible to ensure I know how to handle things before I see them. I've been playing wow since before it was released (I was in a high end Everquest guild that was invited into very early beta, the level cap at the time was 15.) so I've seen pretty much everything come and go. I realize guardian druids and brewmaster monks are the flavor of the month at the moment, so if your just looking for those classes that's fine, but I am an exceptional demon hunter who would out preform most players in both of those classes. If you're a guild looking for a good tank that will show up and give 100% every raid than please post here or find me in game. I'm more than willing to interview or fill out an application or even run some Mythic + with your team to show them what I can do. Wow is boring to me without raiding and I still have the desire to see all content while it's current.

    -My weapon is empowered and about halfway to rank 42
    -I have 5 legendaries and several are considered BiS for DH tanks (ring trinket and neck
    -903 ilevel currently, depending on what legendaries I run with.
    -I strongly prefer weekday raid schedules
    -I am currently horde and would prefer to stay that way, but to raid in a great guild I will switch to the dark side...I mean light side?
    -I don't mind sitting when needed
    -I love bullet points...and lamp. I love lamp.


    Btag is Pinston#1175 I'm on most nights for several hours!

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    Hi Zarkhan!

    If you're willing to consider a transfer to Alliance, I think my guild, <Regen> on US-Magtheridon, might be the perfect fit for you. We are currently 7/10 M, and we raid two nights a week. Our raids are on Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm - 11pm EST. We are currently looking for a DH tank, and think you could be a great fit. If you have any questions, I encourage you to reach out to one of our officers:

    Lemistio (Lemistio#1110)
    Seraphia (Seraphim#1985)
    Aelianna (Aelianna#1758)

    Also, feel free to put in an application at any time:


    Good luck in your guild search, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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