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    I did it 2 days ago on my resto sham, 905 equipped. Between 20-30 attempts, according to my Nethershards count. Getting the grasp of P1 was the hardest, and all became easier as soon as I planned my CDs in advance for waves 4-5. Same thing with the Raising Army phase, I failed that once before correctly planning for the 3 waves (HTT/Asc+BL/End of BL was enough to heal all but 1 ghost).

    This is what I did for P1 wave 4:
    Stun 1st dance, Astral Shift+spam self heal for 1st fixate, HTT second dance, earthbind 2nd fixate+spam self heal, stun 3rd dance then you should be down to 1 soldier and damage is low enough. Always keep the mage on focus: interrupt every other Blast, Purge when you can't.

    For wave 5:
    BL start, Stun asap to catch all 3 before Sting/Dance. Asc 1st Sting, SLT second Sting. Mage should be down then (control him like wave 4). Stay on your toes for Stings and it should be good.
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    I did it as resto shaman with an incredibly low ilevel of 899, no legendaries, and a suckie weapon AP. Well, it's all I had anyway.
    @chaud , I've made a video and guide of it which is insanely detailed and with tactics for every single mechanic of all waves and phases. It might help people next week on Mage Tower, without the overpowered gear of ToS. It's tailored for Shaman tho:
    World PvP and how it stands/standed.
    World PvP isn't meant to be balanced, fair nor honorable. It's meant to be brutal, relentless, deadly.. and it's the survival of the fittest. It's a fight where everything goes and you use anything you can to survive and win. It's War.. a World of Warcraft where only the best survive!

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    I wish it was harder. At least step into good direction.

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    Ill just wait until I overgear this...

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    Did this last night as a 901 Resto Druid. For legendaries I ran with Sephuz and Velen's. For talents, I went 3/2/3/3/2/3/1. Moment of Clarity in particular was a massive help for the first phase and helped me clear up souls easily in the madness phase.

    Some tips:

    Phase 1 (waves of adds):
    - Using typhoon to knockback Knife Dance and Arcane Blitz simultaneously reduces damage by a lot - it is worth letting an extra Blitz or tick of Dance go off if you can then interrupt both
    - If Night Elf, Shadowmeld can be used to cancel a Mana Sting
    - Ursol's and Roots are handy for keeping Soldiers away from you
    - I ended up saving the majority of CDs for the final wave

    Phase 3 (healing souls/madness phase):
    - If you heal souls in a way that means you have no adds, you get a natural chance to drink a bit in before the boss spawns.
    - I used my Efflorescence on my team and pre-hotted them
    - As each wave of souls came in, I used Wild Growth then used cooldowns on each one.
    1st Wave: Prolonged Power and Tranquility
    2nd Wave: Velen's and Incarnation
    3rd Wave: Essence of G'Hanir.
    You only need to heal two adds in the third wave to get it to tick over. Not having any adds up makes the transition to final phase easier and as I mentioned earlier, allows time to drink which is useful for non-Night Elves particularly.

    Final Phase:
    This for me was just a matter of getting used to the timing of his jumps. I tried to keep myself at around 50%. Drums of the Mountain were really useful here, as well as dotting him up at the beginning. If things go south because of big explosions on your team, your CDs will come up naturally throughout the fight so use them if needed.
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    Just seems like you have it easy if you have Prydaz or at the very least Velens, if you dont have them it's going to be very difficult for you.

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    Idk whats going on with this challenge. Last week ive progressed through 5 waves on holy pally but i just couldnt heal through stage 5, now week 10 ilvls and legendary belt later ive attempted again. 1 stage which i already could reliably do 9 out of 10 times i couldnt do now, either npcs were doing something silly like 50k dps and it was taking too long or i had add fixate on grandma and kill her with 4 hits, these werent even bugs like mage not dropping stacks after 5s stun. I could complete maybe 1 out of 8 attempts at stage 1

    But today ive attempted yet again and mobs dont do that much dmg and yet again i can reliably clear it...

    Also sometimes i can reset prepots between waves sometimes not.
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    did it today with 903 ivl with specc (2,2,3,1,3,3,3)
    leg: prydaz and tearstone

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    Completed it as RShaman yesterday, 901.
    Since I don't own any of those self-heling/mitigation legendaries I used Sephuz and Uncertain Reminder (+75% BL). I think it's really powerful for waves 4+5 on stage 1 and for the entirety of stage 5 since it also gives +25% healing from your artifact trait (had zero adds in the final stage this way).

    I also agree that stage 1 is by far the hardest, while I did 2-5 without any problems on the first attempt, the final stage also only took me 1 wipe, but it can get nasty it you don't place the fel-zones correctly and you run out of space. The last 15 seconds of the scenario I had to stand in it because the room was full, was really close in the end.

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    For any druid out there, the belt is awesome for this test, and to heal the souls before fight the boss is really awesome cuz you don't have to worry for 1 soul cuz almost instantly heal it with the proc.

    I did not miss any soul + boots is cool to finish it early.

    I ran this talent build for the last boss and i think for the entire place 3-2-3-any-3-3-1.

    Always keep hots on your friend and when the souls are close WG.

    You may end with the room full of fel, move downstairs to keep the fight.
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    Did it last night as a Mistweaver, 896 ilvl.

    Two legendaries (no choice, only ones I have): Ei'thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas (boots), and Sephuz's Secret. I'm just lucky that the two of these were overall decent for the challenge.

    Chi Burst is just general good healing/damage, and useful during the gauntlet phase against all the fel orbs if you look in the video.
    Chi Torpedo simply to easily kite the Soldiers during fixate and maintain movement speed.
    Mist Wrap to increase healing done and keep Soothing Mist while running (not used much but it did add up).
    Leg Sweep is one of our few controlled CC, that's AoE to boot. Incredibly powerful against a lot of things during the first stage.
    Healing Elixir personally felt like a good choice because it would keep me from sometimes dipping too low upon taking personal damage, something which did happen a few times in the video. Normally I'd take Dampen Harm but most of the damage you take is out of the blue and I didn't want to bother with another cooldown. Fortifying Brew was enough.
    Invoke Chi-Ji, the Red Crane is another powerful cooldown we can use. It's delayed but longlasting healing is one of the better cooldowns probably amongst all healers that we can use. (Although I did end up using it rather late in the first stage, normally I pop it upon wave 5, not halfway in). Amazing during the spirit phase as well.

    Focused Thunder just to get more mileage out of thunder focus tea. Which I found almost necessary during the spirit phase to get out quick Envoloping Mists for that crucial burst healing.

    Other abilities to note: Crackling Jade Lightning, Paralysis, Transcendence.

    CJL is simply free damage, but during fixates you can knock back the soldiers maybe once. Perhaps even straight back into a transcendence spirit which will keep it slowed for slightly longer.

    Transcendence is just good for kiting the soldiers. Pop the spirit when you're about to get fixated and kite them through it. Use transfer when they're upon you to get away again.

    Paralysis will be your main method of CCing the mobs aside from Leg Sweep, at least for the archers and sometimes Soldiers. There is something very important with it that you need to keep in mind: Upon the first few seconds of a target being paralyzed, it will effectively be immune to all attacks. The NPCs will realize this and thus forcibly switch target. This means that if you try and interrupt a mage with paralysis, it'll get stunned for a second, but the NPCs will now leave the mage alone until their second target has been killed, even if the mage is at 10% health. This means you have to be very careful when applying paralysis to targets that are currently being fought. Most commonly wave 4 and 5.

    Stage 1, Wave 1: Archer. The Archers deal damage anywhere between 400-800k to a randomly chosen target. This is something you simply have to outheal. Many times I would lose because they'd decide to shoot Granny in the face five times in a row, while the mage charges up a multi-stack Arcane Blitz at her as well. This is pure RNG and you just need to get lucky enough to survive all of this. One crucial ability that they will periodically use always targeted at you: Mana Sting. Indicated by a giant blue arrow. She will blink to another location in the room and start a long-ish channel time. You can either interrupt this somehow or let an ally soak it. Be warned that the damage it does will almost entirely drain anyone but the tank, and any additional damage they take without getting healed will cause them to die. If it hits you, however, it will drain almost all of your mana as well. It is suggested that you attempt to interrupt this ability using paralysis whenever you see them use it. It has diminishing returns and will fail the fourth attempt if the archer remains alive for too long.

    Wave 2: Archer and a Mage. The mages will always be target #1 to be killed by the NPCs, and this is crucial because whenever they get an Arcane Blitz off they do more and more damage. Upon 4-5 stacks you will need to Leg Sweep them, do NOT use paralysis. (Read above on Paralysis). The mage will randomly target someone and fire increasing damage upon them. As long as you manage to interrupt them somehow at 4 stacks or so this should be manageable and they'll die, leaving the NPCs to focus on the next mob. The Archer needs to be dealt with as in the first phase, interrupted when possible, or if necessary, try and let the tank soak the Mana Sting.

    Wave 3: Soldier and a Mage. The Soldier will focus one person at a time, and the tank will try and taunt them off. Not always sucessfully. The Soldiers have two abilities, one which they will always use first is Knife Dance. After a short channel they'll begin to deal AoE damage to everyone in your group over a duration. You can make interrupt this when they've started by using paralysis. Although the first time they use it I try and stack them up close to the mage so Leg Sweep hits both the moment Knife Dance starts casting (note, casting not channeling, if you interrupt before he casts it the 'cooldown' wont go off and he'll try again immedietly'. Make sure Knife Dance actually goes off for a split second.) When I Leg Sweep the both, it's usually enough of an interruption to the mage to keep it from gaining enough stacks to be a threat before it dies. After the initial stun the Soldier will almost always follow up with his second ability: Fixate. He'll target (usually, not always) you and chase you down dealing heavy damage for its duration. You can kite this somehow with chi torpedo or transcendence (one artifact trait makes it so the transcendence spirit will slow enemies passing through it, kite the soldiers through it!) or just try and outheal it which is not recommended and a waste of mana most of the time. After the Soldier has used Knife Dance once and Fixated once, it'll usually just randomly use one of the two abilities as it pleases without any pattern.

    Wave 4: Soldier, Soldier and a Mage. Whoo boy, this is where it gets difficult. Personally I like to pop drums of fury upon the start of this phase. Wait for both the Soldiers to try and cast Knife Dance and then leg sweep both of them and the Mage at the same time. When the stun wears off they'll both fixate a target (usually you, not always). If fixated kite/pop fortifying brew and try to outheal any damage going out, hopefully with the drums the mage will be dead before too much damage is going out, leaving only the two soldiers. At this point the two soldiers will seemingly randomly (and not always synched up) use Knife Dance and Fixate. Due to the nature of how paralysis works, it's not always feasible to try and interrupt Knife Dance because it'll force the NPCs to swap target. (Other times it's very feasible.) Way too many times did I end up with one of the soldiers at 20% health and the other at 50% health before I died. The NPCs are not clever.

    Wave 5: Archer, Mage, Soldier. This is the last stretch of what I feel is the hardest part of this challenge. As last time make sure everyone is grouped up on top of all the enemies, and the moment the soldier finishes his Knife Dance channel, leg sweep the lot of them. At this point the archer may have blinked away to Mana Sting you. Follow after her and paralysis to interrupt. Pop Chi-Ji to help outlast this bit as his healing is spread out over a long duration. The moment multiple characters start to dip even the slightest, pop Revival. You just need to outlast the mobs for a bit here. Use whatever mana/prolonged potion you wish here. Life Cocoon at sign of danger (I even had to use it on myself as I accidentally soaked a Mana Sting at the very end!) If you can just survive past the mage dying and remain in good health, things are easier right away. Just do your best to interrupt Mana Sting/Knife Dance without forcing the NPCs to switch from a dying target to a fresh one.

    Stage 2 is basically a rest phase. Until you walk into the same room the NPCs are waiting in for you, nothing will happen and you can just wait for your cooldowns to go back down.

    Stage 3 is a gauntlet run. There's a timer, but it's actually rather generous. I never had less than a minute to spare and never failed this part. The eyeballs at first do pulsating AoE damage around them. Use CJL one by one, take a massive amount of damage upon one of them exploding, heal up, repeat. When they're dead you can open the gate and proceed.

    The fel balls are temporarily destroyed upon any damage. CJL again will remove them from your path so you can walk past. Deal with the mobs up ahead easy enough and open the next gate.

    Now there's a bunch of spirits. One which needs dispelling (running around feared), and three that are dying to felfire. Just spam enveloping mists and vivify until they're fully healed, otherwise they supposedly turn into adds you have to fight. At the top of the stairs is an archer from the first stage, but with less health. You have to kill her on your own. Just be wary of the Mana Sting (paralysis/leg sweep to interrupt) and kill her. Proceed to open the gate.

    This bit is just a bunch of fel orbs. Chi Burst up the entire flight of stairs and you're good to go. Open gate.

    Final boss (for the gauntlet run). Quickly try and kill the demon who took your dear allies prisoners. I just healed through his weird mumbo-magic. You just need to be quick enough so you have time to burst down the eyeballs behind him before they get too close. Remember to fully heal yourself between each eyeball death.

    Stage 4 is another rest phase. Just sit and wait for any potential cooldowns you used up. Maybe even another minute or two for that exhaustion debuff to wear off for another drums later.

    Stage 5 is the spirit phase. The NPCs will go crazy and try and kill one another. Sometimes it'll feel like they're tickling one another, and other times their Gilnean heritage starts to show and they're really going for blood. I suppose you just have to get lucky with how much damage they're dealing and who they're targeting. If one of them goes down, you have to start all over again from stage 1 in the next run.

    While Granny and Callie work out their family issues, and Jarod acting as a terrible medium, you have to keep them alive and restore a bunch of ghosts that are gonna float up towards the boss to full health. Boss will be in the center of the room, and he'll slowly drag three spirits at a time towards him. Try and keep renewing mist up on your 'buddies' and enveloping mist whoever is taking heavy damage so you can focus on the spirits when they show up.

    The goal is to fully heal 8 spirits. The moment that happens you 'win' this stage and your allies stop acting crazy.

    It's difficult to tell, but the spirits will need to pass by the fence before you can cast any healing at them at all. If you can learn when exactly that is, you can focus on healing allies before switching to spirits the last second.

    Pop Potion of Prolonged Power, Chi-Ji, and here's the pattern I did to manage the spirits: Life Cocoon spirit #1, Thunder Focus Tea for a double instant Enveloping Mists on Spirits #2 and #3, followed by Vivify spam to top them all up. If all goes well that should be three fully healed spirits which leaves you to restoring the NPCs to full health, pop more renewing mists on them and prepare to HoT them up before the next spirit wave.

    When the next three spirits show up, Chi-Ji is still all over the place and helping. I decided to let one spirit go through (which turns into an add after the spirit healing is complete. If you let too many spirits through you have to fight them all as in the first stage). I just enveloping mists two of them and spammed vivify a few times. It's important to note that besides the healing Enveloping Mists does, it also increases all the healing the target takes. Once two of the spirits are fully healed I focused on the NPCs again.

    Third wave of spirits. Top up the NPCs a little bit before any of them dip too low, and Thunder Focus Tea followed by a double instant Enveloping Mists on two of the spirits again. As soon as this was done I popped Revival which would practically heal them to full. This left one last spirit which I used a fully charged 12 stack Sheilun's Gift on, completing the spirit phase.
    Since only one spirit got through (a soldier) the entire group was back together and we fought him. When he dies you can drink to restore much needed mana before the final boss phase begins.

    Stage 6 is the big baddie himself. Except this is a rather easy fight compared to the rest. I one-shot this on my first attempt (having read on what the abilities do beforehand). I popped drums of fury right away because it increases the NPC damage against the boss. Then you just have to go up against a corner. The boss will use two abilities - one which only damages you, and one which only damages the NPCs through you. He'll jump and stomp, spreading felgoop all over the place directed at you. This deals immense damage to only you to stand in, so naturally you carefully step out of it (by carefully I mean chi torpedo the crap out of there), and get back close to the border of the felgoop so you're ready to dip into that stuff again. The boss will target you with a debuff which after 8 seconds or so will explode, it wont damage you, but it will hurt all of the NPCs for as much damage as you have health. Meaning if you have 2 million health remaining they will take 2 million damage.
    This means just before this pops, you need to try and dip into the felgoop to lower your health. Just be careful because the boss doesn't use these two abilites synched up! Sometimes he'll stomp you just as the thing is about to go off. Try and remain at around 50% health or so to survive him jumping on you, but as to not entirely blow up the NPCs.

    Hopefully before long you win. Or as I do - die and let the NPCs win. The challenge doesn't end by you dying. It ends by one of the NPCs dying. And with you dead, the boss stops using all of his two terrible attacks, meaning he'll just slowly whittle away at Jarod until one of them falls. Hopefully before (if) you die, you'll have Jarod at high enough health with a few HoTs on him, and that the boss is low enough for them to handle.

    After that Jarod will compliment a randomly selected group member (possibly himself) because you're dead and send you back to Dalaran (this is when you release spirit and go collect your reward).

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    Why do I feel like this is a gear check more than a class challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinxz View Post
    Why do I feel like this is a gear check more than a class challenge.

    Too bad your followers are pulling the most pathetic dps possible and (afaik) do not scale with your gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coprax View Post
    Too bad your followers are pulling the most pathetic dps possible and (afaik) do not scale with your gear.

    I tested this, before I won the challenge.

    Basically all the damage remains the same, outgoing and incoming, but the NPCs become tankier as your ilvl increases.

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    Completed it as a 900 resto shammy, with roots and boots. First phase is really hard, spend everything to survive wave 4, also it's have an oportunity to drink mana porion then you first melee is dead.
    Hero on wave 5, after mage is dead it became much easier. Do not kite melee on p5, just tank it and control mage. Then only archer left it's hard to die even without mana.
    P1 takes me about 20-30 tries (10 or more was very stupid)
    Phase 2 (running) is a joke, you don't even need to wait for hero for it. Roots completely trivialise it, dps trinkets are usefull, but they are not necessary.
    P3 took me 3 tries, with second with wipe on 0,8%. I used legendary head. IMPORTANT: Roots make boss fight MUCH harder! It`s hard to be low on hp with it, it wiped me on first pull.
    For waves just hero on 1st adds, healing tide on 2nd, ascendance on 3rd if you wish. You should heal just 2 adds on 3rd wave.
    Also i used Royal Dagger Haft (tank trinket from anomaly) for boss fight, it helps a lot.

    Little tips: hero doesn`t bebuff your party, so you can use drums at the start of boss fight. I think it's even possible to pop drums on wave 4 and hero on wave 5 on first phase.
    My talants for p1 was 1-1-1-1-3-3-1, artifact level 42, for boss fight i swithed to Ancestral Protection totem to save me from stupid deaths.
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    Completed today as ilvl 904 resto shammy. I used talents 1/1/1/1/3/3/1 with Prydaz and sephuz for phase 1. I actually forgot I could swap out my gear on phases after. I spent all of my attempts learning phase 1. The videos posted by other shaman were very helpful and i took bits and pieces from each that worked most for me. The most crucial bit that worked for me was from Tedj's video on how to deal with wave 4 and 5 (and using leytorrent pots, so mana was no longer an issue). After I killed the undead waves for the first time, I actually oneshot the rest of the scenario. If you end the undead spirits phase with low mana, you can use a leytorrent pot right before Erdris engages if you are far enough away. The NPCs will take agro and he'll leave you to drink but honestly there wasn't much healing needed. I started it with 50% or less. I managed the aoe terribly using the circular pattern that most people use and I ended up closing myself off in the center of the room and got stomped at low hp. I was sweating bullets to get out of it after using my ahnk and astral shift. He died shortly after I reached the entrance of the room and healed myself up. I still killed the NPCs with my ignite soul debuff too, but you get credit as soon as Erdris is dead, so whatever....fuck those guys. I don't have to heal them ever again.

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    Holy paladin. Completed with an 895 setup. Hard part for me was healing spirits in stage 5. Switching to aura of mercy for an extra throughput cd there was key for me at the lower item level. Swapped back to devo during the combat break going into the final stage. Used belt and trinket for the whole thing. 3/2/2/1/2/2/1 except the swap for the spirit healing stage. Good luck.

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    I can clear up to the healing the troops part with an ilvl of 891 holy paladin. Is there a way to practice the room before I wasnt attempts? Do you think its even doable at 891?

    Wave 1 wings + pot
    Wave 2 holy avenger + tyrs
    Wave 3 drums + lay on hands

    Does that seem like a good strat?

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    900 Resto shaman,

    Having trouble in phase 5. Its my own fault. I focus too much on healing the adds that I forget to top off the rogue, and she dies.

    I have gotten a lot better at phase 1, and I will be getting the 30% buff to healing rain tonight probably to make p1 a little easier. I am using pants and gloves. 2 piece tier.

    I was able to get stage 6 down to 25%. I forgot to swap out roots with something else so it ended up killing me. Also, timing the jumps with the debuff was an issue. I was able to heal through the adds without having to kill any between phase 5 and 6 by using bloodlust on the first wave.

    Hopefully I can down this tonight before the tower is destroyed. I am 1 shotting phase 1 now. Everything is timed the same.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have found the drums/lust to be more beneficial in the first wave, since it will last for the second wave too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LedZeppelin View Post
    I can clear up to the healing the troops part with an ilvl of 891 holy paladin. Is there a way to practice the room before I wasnt attempts? Do you think its even doable at 891?

    Wave 1 wings + pot
    Wave 2 holy avenger + tyrs
    Wave 3 drums + lay on hands

    Does that seem like a good strat?
    I have found the drums/lust to be more beneficial in the first wave, since it will last for the second wave too.

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