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    I have found the drums/lust to be more beneficial in the first wave, since it will last for the second wave too.
    Good point

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    I waited literally forever to do this, then someone in trade called me out - so I decided to give it a shot.

    I tried it for a sec when it first came out, but I literally tried it twice - I didn't look at strats or care or anything.. so obviously I didnt get this April 3rd haha

    The real real: I have a 911 Equipped HPal, followed the guide, followed the talents, the swaps, the lust times, everything to the letter, the ONLY thing that gave me SERIOUS SERIOUS issues were the healing adds at the end. I don't exactly remember what phase, but if you're overgearing this like me (scumbag sorry m8...) The boss goes to the center of the room, and you have to put the BACON of light on the tank (that always takes dmg), and then keep swapping the other bacon of light to the other teammate that takes dmg on swaps.

    The hard part was setting out what cooldowns I would use, and when: Because let me tell ya, those ADDS ON THE LAST BOSS add up QUICK and they suck major to deal with. So Add Phase 1, I blew AvWrath and the Tyrs Deliv and knocked those first three down barely, then the second round of adds pulled up (3 again), I blew EVERY other cooly, a trinket cooly, holy avenger, pots, the WORKS (EXCEPT lay on hands and lust). I got all three LUCKILY, and the last one I barrrely got 1 (because my teammates were busy getting their asses handed to themselves so I had to heal them..), so I had ANOTHER phase to get the last one, got it: so I had two adds to deal with: merced those

    So the boss REALLY is fun, it's a nice little moving around and staying alive while keeping your teammates topped off, and keeping yourself around 40%, and waiting for the green fire (also ALWAYS have an instant heal or defensive JUST in case.

    Tl;dr The end of the fight came, I LITERALLY DIED the boss at 15% life left.. and my adds (the damn NPC's), actually killed the boss for me as I lay there dead and got the credit lololo


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