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    Thwarting the Twins Tips

    Frost Mage
    dionim shared a video of him defeating the encounter. You can find some tips here on Reddit.

    Balance Druid
    Whitefriday shared some helpful tips for defeating the encounter.

    Intro Phase
    Save your cooldowns and a Starsurge proc for the first transition. Kite the boss around the outside to avoid dropping purple puddles in the center. Use Starfall primarily to get casts off. The transition to the next phase takes place at 33%.

    Phase Two
    Be ready to go hard on the boss immediately when he becomes targetable. Use drums, cooldowns, a second potion, and burn the boss hard. Adds will die naturally in the next phase, so ignore them for now.

    Phase Three
    You need to keep slight pressure up on the boss, but your main concern is killing the hands quickly. Kite the boss with Starfall as you did in Phase One. Maintain as much Astral Power as you can without capping and save Starsurge procs. Spend excess Astral Power on Starfall when you aren't busy killing hands and continue casting on the boss. When a hand spawns, Typhoon and root the boss. Spend all of your Astral Power on killing the hand with Starsurge or Starfall if the boss gets too close. If you know you won't be able to kill one fast enough, Solar Beam at the last second and let your DoTs do damage as you continue on the boss. If a cast is about to go off, use Bear Form and Barkskin, topping yourself off with an Empowered Regrowth (Legendary Boots). The transition takes place at 33%.

    Phase Four
    Burn Raest and ignore the adds. Don't miss runes. You must be within the rune as it expires to prevent an add from spawning. If an add does spawn then it is a wipe. Stay on the move with Starfall and plan your route so that you aren't caught standing in a rune longer than necessary. You should constantly be on the move, jumping into runes right before they expire to avoid the boss and adds.

    Phase Five
    Karam re-enters the fight, but ignore him and the adds. You want to kill Raest quickly while managing hand damage and runes efficiently. Handle the runes and hands that same as you did in previous phases. Keep moving and use cooldowns again as soon as you can. If a rune spawns and Raest is almost dead, you can ignore it and focus the boss. Once Raest dies the quest is complete, so there is no need to kill Karam.

    Affliction Warlock
    Writhing shared some helpful tips for defeating the encounter.
    Talents - Malefic Grasp / Contagion / Circle / Sow the Seeds / Burning Rush / GoSup / Soul Conduit
    Pet - Doomguard
    Legendaries - Sacrolash's Dark Strike is pretty much mandatory for this fight. I can only assume the purple puddles on the floor were meant to slow the boss, and they are potentially bugged. As a result, the slow from the ring is necessary unless you can DPS fast enough while kiting perfectly with a combination of Gateway, Demonic Circle, and Burning Rush.

    Phase One
    Kite the boss using Burning Rush while maintaining the Corruption slow from Sacrolash's ring. Should the boss melee you, he will one shot you as his stacks get progressively higher. You may also make use of your Doomguard's cripple here to further slow the melee boss.

    Phase Two
    When the melee boss reaches ~30%, he will become immune and begin regenerating health. During this time, you are able to attack Raest. I suggest using your potion, Drums of Fury, and saving both Soul Shards and Reap stacks for this burst phase. Additionally, three waves of 4 shadow fiends will spawn which you should Seed of Corruption (which will slow them) and use the Soul Flame damage to continue bursting Raest.

    Phase Three
    When the melee boss returns to full HP, Raest will become immune, and the melee add will begin chasing you again. During this phase there are two extra mechanics in addition to the original phase 1. The first is a portal which MUST be interrupted by your Doomguard and nuked before you are overwhelmed by additional portals or the melee add's speed stacks. I've been informed that these portals can be banished, but I certainly wouldn't take the chance with being overwhelmed by multiple of them being up at once. The second, is a rune on the floor that you must stand on and soak as it expires, otherwise it will spawn a Faceless add which will most certainly one shot you.

    Phase Four
    Once the melee add reaches 30%, you will be able to attack Raest again for the remainder of the fight. You will get quest completion upon killing Raest, although I did end up killing both in the end. I suggest nuking Raest while continuing to kite the remaining adds and nuking any portals which spawn.

    Shadow Priest
    Killem shared a video and some tips.

    Quote Originally Posted by Killem View Post
    This is how I did it as a shadow priest:


    Phase 1:
    • Kite the Boss around the outer part of the platform to prevent his slow fields from stacking up in the other phases.
    • If they proc, use your tentacles for getting some distance to the boss, while he is slowed.
    • Play better safe than sorry and do not risk getting hit, like I did multiple attempts. It is not always possible to bring the cast through.
    • Sometimes Mind Flay is the better option.

    Phase 2:
    • Go ham on the caster, while trying to stack his adds.
    • Those adds are a great source of insanity if Mind Flay cleaves into them.
    • Also place your DoTs on an add every now and then, for fishing insanity (set bonus and spirits) and ToF.

    Phase 2.5:
    • When the Melee is active again, try to stack him up with those adds, that a Mind Bomb can stun them all.
    • Mind Bomb and those hands have the same spawntimer/cooldown. Pair them, to get a few seconds to nuke them asap.
    • Since every 30 seconds those hands spawn, you can only interrupt every second of them. Dispersion or the absorb neck legendary are your friends.

    Phase 3:
    • Same as phase 2, try to gather those adds, while playing the hands and letting the boss tick down on your DoTs.
    • If a rune spawns, you better soak it, otherwise a nasty add spawns. So watch out for your kite path.

    Phase 3.5:
    • Try to bring the melee boss back into that pack of adds, and keep him also dotted.
    • Your main target is the caster, if he dies, you have won.

    Here is also the talents I used:
    I found the Mindbender in this case superior, since it will deal its damage, regardless, if you are busy running.

    Marksmanship Hunter

    Quote Originally Posted by RangerCroe View Post
    Just completed as an 896 Marksmanship Hunter after about 40 tries. Took the approach of just nuking down Raest for quest credit.

    Talents: Lone Wolf, Lock and Load, Posthaste, Patient Sniper, Binding Shot, Crows and Piercing Shot.

    Early on my biggest issue was sustaining enough boss damage and killing the Hands in time consistently. Having both the legendary war belt helped greatly as only ever killed the Shadowy Fiends to reset Exhilaration for healing. By keeping them alive and clumped up in a big ball around Raest with a Tar Trap up constantly allowed me to use them to build War Belt stacks to help burst down Raest and have a maxed out aimed shot ready combined with Crows to burst down the Hand from Beyond when it spawned.

    When Phase 3 hits and he spawns the purple orbs to need to soak to stop the Vezzax from spawning, try to save a turtle, binding or bursting shot to by you enough time to soak it and get back to kiting range. If one spawns in a bad stop just trap it and avoid hitting it with multi-shots. Towards the end I just interrupted the last hand and trapped the last purple orb add and blasted Raest for the finish. Died seconds after killing him, still got credit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Qrton View Post
    Did it as 900 ilvl hunter, 41 traits, with boots for obvious reasons and Zevrim for a chance to cast more Marked Shots on the move. As talents I used Lone Wolf, Lock and Load, Farstrider, Patient Sniper, Binding Shot, A Murder of Crows and Piercing Shot. Saving Crows and Piercing shot for the hands it's super helpful since they die so much faster and you have more time to dps Karam or Raest depending on witch phase you're in. Farstrider is useful in the 1st phase to get distance in the last moment and spam cast Aimed Shot and Windburst more often. With flask, pre-pot, food, runes and drums and pot in the last phase you should have enough dps to burst down Raest. Once I got in the last phase it did not feel like a dps check at all. To soak the runes you need to stand exactly in the MIDDLE of it. It took me some tries to figure that out so I thought I might just mention this.

    Useful macros you could use:
    /cast [@cursor] Binding Shot - to smartcast Binding Shot at your mouse location (you can do the same macro for Tar Trap as well)

    /cast [target=focus] Concussive Shot - set Karam as focus so you can use Concussive Shot on him without targeting him

    /target Karam
    /target [exists] Hand from Beyond - to switch between the hand and Karam in the 2nd and 3rd phase (due to how the [exists] condition works it's better to use this macro to switch TO the hand than it is to use it to switch FROM the hand back to Karam)

    Final notes: Timing your Crows and Piercing Shots so you have them available when the Hand spawns without losing too much dps on the bosses it's probably the most challenging part of playing this build. If you can do this you can get in the last phase fairly easy and work form there on your rune soaking skills. Saving Aspect of the Cheetah to get fast to a rune and Aspect of the Turtle or soak a rune that is surrounded by adds also helps you a lot in the last phase.

    Good luck to all the hunters out there!

    Affliction Warlock

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    the shadow priest one is hard since we dont have huge aoe like the rest of the ranged any tips on what to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodking612 View Post
    the shadow priest one is hard since we dont have huge aoe like the rest of the ranged any tips on what to do?
    Not just that, but we actually require specific legendaries to even have the movement to go past the first phase right now.

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    How is shadow on the adds? just useing Misery and mass dotting and letting spirits generate most of the insanity to DPS?

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    Here's a video (not mine) of it as Shadow:

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    It's like they built the entire encounter around changing the reputation Sephuz's Secret has.

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    the encounter is based on the neck for soking damage and the ring for the speed

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    Trying to post another way to do this, you can burst with shadow priest with Surrender to Madness.

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    Just did this as an 896 frost mage, the trait with insta cast blizzard is your best friend. Kited him around the room in p3 and 5 using the multitude of adds as fodder for blizzard. Using Bear Tartare REALLY helped, so much speed. I made sure to kill the melee guy first, as he would be the most trouble for my ilvl, and from there there's no more hands, just caster and runes. Good Luck to all of you!

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    I got the legendary helm on my MM hunter, and seeing this i'm wondering if you can use it or if the encounter would reset?

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    I tried invisibility on my mage and the encounter did not reset, so you should be safe to use that

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    Without the Ring Just not seeing how Afflic can get past P1. The encounter is all about kiting the melee boss and sadly the cd's on the bulk of afflic's mobility/kiting tools is extremely limited and have massive downtime gaps.

    After talking with several locks who have the ring, even they have said it's not enough of a slow to be able to kite long enough to survive P1 since even using double gateway legs, doomguard cripple, Demonic Circle on CD and burning rush the puddles are not actually slowing him down (bug?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnesymne View Post
    I got the legendary helm on my MM hunter, and seeing this i'm wondering if you can use it or if the encounter would reset?
    would most likely reset unless you are using a pet.
    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    I do realize that this is an internet forum full of morons, however in real life, no one questions me, people look to me for the answer, look up to me, trust me. To have dipshits on a video game forum question me, is insulting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mnesymne View Post
    I got the legendary helm on my MM hunter, and seeing this i'm wondering if you can use it or if the encounter would reset?
    Invisibility doesn't so FD shouldn't

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    killed him on my affli lock with legend ring, it was still fkin hard, had no heroism aswell but had to make sure to kill all adds b4 the melee guy came out, then it became ez peasy tbh.

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    So does this scale with item level, or...?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaleesh View Post
    So does this scale with item level, or...?
    Nope, there is no scaling.

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    This was disappointingly easy as a 910 equipped balance druid. Maybe the other challenges will be more of an actual challenge. Or maybe i should try this one on my affli lock

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    Try to be something different than affliction warlock without corr ring

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    i know everyones hates it and pretens it doesnt exist but believe it or not... warlock IS a multidot spec. Instead of MG / Contagion would you be able to beat the encounter with WiA / AC / SL / SE? Just keep your dots up and burning rush around?....

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