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    Fury Warrior Mage Tower Scenario Guide

    Slaying Agatha 101

    Here is my personal advice and what I believe is the easiest way of completing the Fury Warrior Mage Tower Scenario for your new artifact appearance. There are various ways of successfully completing this scenario but this is what I found to be the best way for me and others have confirmed as well. I was able to complete this scenario on release day in around twenty or so attempts.

    Mechanics & Abilities
    • Agatha's Fury (Dark Fury)
      This is an infinite interruptible channel that begins when Agatha's energy bar reaches 100. During this channel she deals ticking damage and receives an absorb shield that you must damage through before being able to interrupt the channel. It is crucial to break through the shield and interrupt the channel as soon as possible as she gains a stacking buff which increases the damage of the channel as it goes on. Luckily when her channel is interrupted and she casts it again later in the scenario, the stacking buff is reset and starts once more at zero.
    • Imps
      Throughout the scenario Agatha will summon various types of imps. The imps by themselves are relatively easy to deal with but when overlapped with other abilities it can quickly become overwhelming. Here are the imps listed in order of kill importance:
      Umbral Imp
      The Umbral Imps are usually spawned in pairs by Agatha and while alive provide her with an immunity buff. Due to this, it is crucial that these imps are killed off as quickly as possible. These imps will also at times teleport away in attempts to kite you.
      Fuming Imp
      The Fuming Imps are spawned solo and after a moment begin to chase after you. If they reach you, they will start to cast an uninterruptible spell (can be stuned or feared) named Plague Zone. Once this cast goes off, the imp will explode dealing damage to you if you're nearby and also leaving a patch of ground that deals damage to you and slows if standing over it. These patches will persist throughout the entire scenario. It is possible to burst the imp down before they can get the cast off, stun them or even kite them around with Piercing Howl. As long as they don't reach you they will not cast.
      Imp Servantt
      Occasionally two Imp Servants will spawn on the other end of the cavern. They will both begin to run towards Agatha and once reaching her will start an interruptible channel that feeds her energy and heals her for a minor amount. You can out DPS the healing two imps channeling on Agatha will do but anymore you will be unable to. You should kill these imps off as soon as you can after taking care of the Fuming Imps and Umbral Imps.
      Smoldering Imp
      These imps will usually spawn when Agatha spawns a pack of Umbral Imps as well. These imps simply cast Fireballs at you but gain a stacking buff which increases their damage. You shouldn't worry too much about these imps but you should kill them off as soon as you're done dealing with the other imps as the damage they deal can really ramp up.
    • Boulders
      Once Agatha reaches 50% she will teleport to the back of the room and boulders will begin to drop for the rest of the scenario. These boulders will come down one at a time and either be on the left, right or middle of the room. If you are hit, you will be stunned and almost one shot.
    • Translocate
      During the boulder phase, Agatha will cast Translocate every time she loses 10% of her HP. This cast simply teleports her to the other end of the cavern.

    The Scenario
    • Phase 1
      During Phase 1 Agatha will be in the center of the cavern. As soon as you pull her, she will spawn 2-3 Smoldering Imp's. You can just pop Battle Cry and Odyn's Fury to burn them down as you continue doing single target damage to her. After a little while she will spawn two Imp Servant's by where you spawned when entering the scenario. At the same time she will also spawn a Fuming Imp under her which will chase you. Deal with the imps as you like (refer to the section above on Fuming Imps) as long as you just don't let them drop patches of Plague Zone in the middle of the path. You want to go ahead and kill the two Imp Servant's channeling on Agatha as soon as you can after you finish dealing with the Fuming Imp. Once they are dead, she'll likely be at high energy and do her first channel of Agatha's Fury (Dark Fury). Damage through her absorb and interrupt the channel. Afterwards she'll likely spawn another Fuming Imp and a set of Umbral Imps alongside Smoldering Imps. Prioritize killing the Umbral Imps first, dealing with the Fuming Imp second and then finishing off the Smoldering Imps last. Two more Imp Servant's will also likely spawn during this as well.

      Throughout the entire phase all these things will keep happening and repeating, sometimes overlapping each other. The worst overlap that can happen is when you have Agatha channeling her spell, Umbral Imps granting her an immunity buff and trying to not drop Plague Zone in sub-optimal areas from the Fuming Imps chasing you around.

    • Phase 2
      Once Agatha reaches 50% she will Translocate to the back of the room and boulders will begin to fall at the area she is at. These boulders are of utmost importance and getting hit by them can also guarantee you failing the scenario. Throughout this phase she will continue using her channeling ability and summoning the various types of imps at about the same frequency as in Phase 1. It is even more important during this phase that you do not drop plague zones around her as it'll make it infinitely harder for you to dodge the boulders due to the slow. It is also very important that you kill the Umbral Imps off fast whenever she is channeling as the damage during this phase will be higher due to the damage buff she gains as the scenario progresses. Every 10% she will Translocate to the other end of the cavern and she'll continue repeating her abilities.

    Tips & Tricks
    • Talent Setup
      Below is the talent setup I recommend running. War Machine is a given due to the uptime you'll have on the haste buff and how the movement speed will help you in kiting Fuming Imps and dodging boulders. You do have a choice between Shockwave or Double Time in the Tier 30 row but I picked Double Time so I could reach Umbral Adds faster and make use of Furious Charge more. Wrecking Ball I feel is stronger than Avatar due to the constant amount of adds spawned and needing to be killed off quickly. Avatar simply doesn't line up well in this scenario. Furious Charge is also a given due to the healing it provides and it's synergy with Double Time.

    • Food
      Many players have stated that using Spiced Wildfowl Omelet has made the scenario much easier due to it being a mini-lust for the encounter with basically 100% uptime. I have no used it myself but many players are like I said raving about it so here it is.

    • Ability Usage
      Throughout the encounter you'll want to make use of almost all your abilities to make the scenario much easier. The most important advice I can give is to always save Battle Cry and Odyn's Fury for when Agatha spawns a bunch of imps together like the Umbral ones. You shouldn't waste those cooldowns on Servant Imps or when only a few imps are spawned. Fearing the imps and/or using Piercing Howl on them is also very beneficial and will help you out in the long run so use those wisely. Whenever you are getting low on health you should make use of your Double charges and Furious Charge to gain back up. The damage you take shouldn't be too much of an issue as long as you are not getting exploded on by the Fuming Imps and are interrupting Agatha's channel.

    • Trinkets
      I'd recommend running AoE trinkets or stat sticks. Draught of Souls won't do you to well here as you won't have many times where you can afford standing still. Convergence of Fates will also not do you too well as you can't be using Battle Cry on cooldown due to having to save it for when she spawns multiple imps at once. The imp spawning anyhow lines up well with Battle Cry's natural cooldown.

      AoE trinkets such as Terrorbound Nexus are very strong and so are statsticks (especially Mastery ones). These will help you dealing with the imps and helping you push out more damage without having to deal with the trinkets CDs or trying to determine the best place to use them. If you don't have any AoE trinkets, I'd just suggest using any trinket that provides you passive damage increase and/or gives you a lot of Mastery to compensate. Haste on your trinkets is not really needed as you'll almost always have War Machine running.

    • Legendaries
      In my honest opinion, there are three legendaries that shine in this scenario. Those being Prydaz, the healing bracers and the whirlwind belt. Prydaz is MVP in this scenario and will mitigate a lot of damage while also giving you more room for error due to it's large absorb. The healing bracers are what I think to be the second best legendary you can equip as it'll give you even more room for error due to the survivability boost it'll give you through it's healing combined with Furious Charge. Afterwards the whirlwind belt is a clear choice due to it's synergy with Wrecking Ball and there always being more than 3 adds up.

    • Dealing with Phase 1
      You can go about dealing with Phase 1 in different ways but this is what I found to be the most effective for me. I'd start the encounter by popping Battle Cry, Rampage and then Odyn's Fury to burn down the initial adds she spawns. Afterwards I'd continue to DPS her as the two Imp Servant's spawn and begin to walk to her. Even then when they start channeling on her I'd continue DPS as you should be able to out-heal them. During this time I'd also be kiting the Fuming Imp around the boss in a circle, keeping it slowed with Piercing Howl. Once Agatha spawns the umbral imps I'd proceed to pop Battle Cry and Odyn's Fury to burn them down instantly. You continue repeating this, making sure to always save BC and OF for when many imps are out and interrupting Agatha's channel as soon as possible.

    • Dealing with Phase 2
      Phase 2 can easily be the most challenging part of the scenario or the easiest. The challenging part of phase 2 is when you are in the upper half of the cavern where the boulders drop down right next to you. It becomes very difficult to kite the Fuming Imp around and if any Plague Zone is dropped in a bad spot there you can easily be done for due to the slow and being an easy target for a boulder. During phase 2 my strategy was to simply zerg Agatha. I'd still hold onto my cooldowns for the Umbral Imps but I wouldn't kill off any of the Servant Imp's unless there was more than two. This is because every 10% health she loses she teleports to the other side of the room. When she does this, using Piercing Howl on all the imps and Heroic Leap after her, creating a lot of distance between yourself and the imps. You should be able to continue zerging her, only dealing with the imps when you have your Battle Cry and/or Odyn's Fury up or if Umbral Imps are making her immune.

      It's important to stay calm during this phase, prioritize dodging the boulders, making sure you don't drop Plague Zone's in bad spots, killing the Umbral Imps and interrupting Agatha's channel as soon as possible. I'd suggest lusting with drums once you get her to 20% as it becomes infinitely easier to nuke her once you can start executing.

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    Amazing,but axes are still the best appearance of all of those available :<

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    Can confirm that this guide helps.

    Let 2 healers be up, kill the imp following you asap and save ALL cds for the big packs that spawn with umbral imps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgaith View Post
    Can confirm that this guide helps.

    Let 2 healers be up, kill the imp following you asap and save ALL cds for the big packs that spawn with umbral imps.
    Yup, that's basically the tl;dr of the guide lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naeno View Post
    Yup, that's basically the tl;dr of the guide lol
    Only doable with a high enough itemlevel. And even then, you can get unlucky with spawns so sometimes you do not hit every imp with your aoe burst because the umbrellas or scorching imps spawn behind her.

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    Any hint at what ilvl you need to be, is below 900ilvl possible. What range are we looking at here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by donbooger View Post
    Any hint at what ilvl you need to be, is below 900ilvl possible. What range are we looking at here?
    It's probably possible, but I can't imagine anyone doing it below 890 ilvl and that's most likely only if you play near perfectly. I wouldn't even bother trying if you don't have Prydaz or Manno bracers 'cause the amount of damage you take, particularly towards the end, just gets unhealable with basic BT and ER.

    That having been said, I just mongo smashed it with Prydaz + bracers at 911 ilvl. With ToS gear it'll be a total joke.

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    Wiped at 0% (she had 470k hp left) because she teleported and immediately before tp'ing she spawned all her adds and i didn't even see before I leaped away. By the time I got to the other side it was just too late, didn't even know she had spawned them until she was just immune on the other side. Feels so fucking bad.

    Quote Originally Posted by Farahawnee View Post
    Not having an authenticator on your account is like not locking your windows because your front door is locked, and then wondering how a burglar got in.

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    I just did this at 41 artifact level and 903 equipped Ilvl, so it's definitely possible at lower 900's and without golden trait.

    What I did was drums + pot at start to phase the boss by the 2nd void shield interrupt thing. After that I don't kill any channelers anymore and only tunnel boss. Having CoF and DoS allowed me to use BC for DoS for the burst then have it back up for the little imps spawn. Each time she teleports make sure you slow the channelers and you should be able to phase the boss each time as the big mobs of channelers get to the boss. By the end there were like 10 imps just running back and forth lol. Once the boss is below 20% I started executing then used BC to finish her off.

    The legendaries I used were prydaz + wrist. I used double time instead of shockwave for more heals with furious charge.

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    I had hope from poster above until I read the below. LoL legendary gating

    Quote Originally Posted by l10f View Post
    The legendaries I used were prydaz + wrist.

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    So I dont have prydaz or Bracers, and have a 902 equipped ilvl. What are my chances lol.

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    I do not have Prydaz or Menacles. My ilevel is 905 with 30% haste and near 50% mastery. I've been able to get her to P2 with Sephuz and the same talent build but there is just no possible way that I can stay alive long enough. I sat around 1 million DPS by the time P2 rolled around and had no more cool downs left.

    I would love to see a fury warrior complete this challenge with helm + cloak or helm + sephuz or even belt + sephuz. I just dont think its possible without the necklace OR the bracers.

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    Another thing that killed me once: If she spawns the Smoldering + Umbral Imps and teleports shortly afterwards to the other side of the room, make sure to finish all the Imps, they do NOT follow and will continue casting.

    I had them on very low HP and thought Odyn's Fury would finish them off, which was not the case. When I jumped/charged Agatha to burn the shield and interrupt her spell, they killed me with their Fireballs.

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    Is there any video of a warrior killing her with Priaz without the bracers? I lose life too much at one point with Priaz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polopollo View Post
    Is there any video of a warrior killing her with Priaz without the bracers? I lose life too much at one point with Priaz.
    You probably can but it would be incredibly difficult. Someone posted in another thread they beat it at 909 ilvl with helm/cloak. I haven't got it past 20% yet (attempts without drums) and I honestly don't want to just smash my face against it over and over. Wait until you have TOS gear and it will be a cakewalk
    Softbottom - Stormscale

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    Did it today as Fury with Angry Hat and Healing Bracers ilvl 906. I didn't kill the Fuming Imps but just stacked all the pools on top of each other at the sides. I also didn't use DoS and I don't have CoF yet and didn't have the 4rd golden trait yet. Used Might of Krosus and Crystalline Scorpid trinkets and basicly used CDS on pull and after that saved them for the big imps combo (the ones with the immune, shooting bolts and fuming imps). As suggested I sometimes let the healing imps keep healing her and burst them down when she spawns the imps combo. Was decently hard but pretty fun nonetheless Imo once you get her below 20% its getting easier
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    Best attempt with 896 and no bracers/neck was 51%. Benched it till i either get bracers or around 915. 915-ish should be doable just by the ability to blow fuming imps and shield with a couple gcds.

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    Did it today with belt and sephuz. Would recommend the leech trinkets fang of tichondrius or ravaged seed pod if you dont have the wrists/neck. It may feel like you're not doing a lot of damage but it'll allow you to reset your hp during your cds and then you can just turn it into a massive rinse and repeat control fight. Fumings are less important than you think if you have adequate healing, just focus on breaking shield quick and blowing up umbrals. Also make sure you dont leave a smoldering imp behind in p2 when you switch sides.

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