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    The Highlord's Return Tips

    Protection Warrior

    Protection Paladin

    Brewmaster Monk

    Vengeance Demon Hunter
    Zevade and Effreet shared some tips.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zevade View Post
    Finding time to dps the boss is the hardest part, its about being extremely efficient. I cast all infernal strikes on the edge of the dnd circle so he got hit by that plus sigil of flame, throw glaive while running to eyes. Most importantly, when dealing with the arcane adds, make sure to fiery brand the boss + fel dev as often as possible with the arcane adds near him to get efficient damage on the boss + adds.

    If you time your belf, sigil of silence, sigil of misery, or orb of light so that it goes off once the actual cast has begun doing damage, they will never recast ever again. Quickened sigils and being belf really helped with that. I used orbs in p1 only if I needed the heal or if i had no answer to the arcane add's cast (Every 3rd or so).

    I would advise pre pot, meta, fiery brand, fel dev, fracture spam (and proc sephuz with pre misery or something) and just tank 5-6 stacks at the start of the fight to get in as much damage as possible. Meta should be back up for the last phase. Also if you can, try to weave in soul carvers when you can. Taking stacks isn't very deadly at 3, but anything more especially when tanking adds is sketchy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Effreet View Post
    Build - 1,3,2,2,3,1,2

    Strat that has been working for me; Pop PP pot, jump in and burn Inquisitor to 80%. Requires demonic infusion, meta, and fracture spam. At this point you should have 5 to 6 stacks of D&D. Clear eyes while waiting for elementals and D&D to drop. Go back on boss when D&D falls off, with elementals, AoE with sigil and abysmal strikes. Interrupt the Nether Storm cast *AFTER* it has gone off with Arcane Torrent. If you Interrupt before the cast has finished they will immediately begin casting again. If you Interrupt while they are channeling you will likely kill them before another cast since the ability goes on CD. Using arcane torrent on the first set is important so you have contingency holy orbs should something hairy happens and you need a heal or an interrupt.

    Stare at eyes while they are up and you are dealing with boss and adds. Only clear eyes when you have to drop D&D and no elementals are up. Avoid stacking higher than 4 D&D other than the first burst phase.

    DPS boss as often as possible when you reset D&D. After the first set of elementals all subsequent can be interrupted with velens holy orb blinds. This also puts you in a good position to dps the boss.

    Infernals that periodically spawn need to be kited through death and decay to shrink. As they shrink cleave them if they get close while avoiding the smash attacks.

    If done properly you should always have "Oh shit" healing orbs and silences for everything.

    When Inquisitior dies Kruul comes down and the other DH is freed. I've only made it to those phase twice.

    My observations of phase 2 are as follows;

    Black laser tethers reminiscent of creeping doom travel across the platform. Kruul casts a spell called Twisted Reflection that I believe needs to be interrupted, it heals him for 5% when you deal damage to him. He puts a green AoE fire on the ground that slows you heavily. He casts an ability called annihilate that gets stronger the longer the fight goes on. First cast hit me for 3 mil.

    Elementals and Infernals persist through this phase and transition into this phase from first phase. I'd suggest timing it if you can so that as little is alive as possible. Eyes do not persist in p2.

    Deal with Elementals the same way and Infernals I think might need to be kited through green fire on the ground? Can't confirm. Best attempt was 22% on Kruul.

    My legendaries were Prydaz and Fragment. 907 equipped. I switched to DPS trinkets because most damage can be dealt with through proper CD usage and Velen's orbs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vordie View Post
    Here's my take on the challenge from a Demon Hunter perspective:


    You will need a couple of WeakAuras or reminders of some sort for Drain Life interrupt on Inquisitor and Twisted Reflections interrupt and Annihilate for Kruul. Don't skip this, you WILL fail.
    Consumables: Agility Flask or Repurposed Fel Focuser (500 Agi, 750 Stamina). Vers or Bear Tartare for food, I went with Versatility. Rune, Prolonged Power + Drums.
    Talents/Traits: I went with 1-2-2-3-3-1-1. You can go with Fracture, especially if you don't have the Erupting Souls trait.
    Gear/Legendaries: I ran with my regular mastery gear. Darkmoon Card: Immortality and 890 Memento. Prydaz + Fragment as Legs. Most people I saw did it with some sort of DPS legendaries/trinket but I didn't find the need for it.
    904 equiped, 43 traits, 6.9k Crit, 1.8k Haste, 9.8k Mastery, 6.6k Vers.
    Armory here:

    Phase 1:
    This is not as much of a DPS check as P2 but it still IS a DPS check. You cannot have too many infernals out or P2 will just be a mess. Finding the window in between dealing with everything to damage the boss is the hardest part of P1 for DHs. Transitioning to P2 is also important, you DON'T wanna transition when the Arcane Adds are about to spawn and you DO wanna transition if you can right before an infernal spawns.

    -Inquisitor is fearable and imprisonable. Use it to your advantage to drop stacks and also negate his damage.
    -DON'T jump while in the void zone around the Inquisitor. It will cause the debuff to stack faster.
    -The Arcane adds stacking debuff only increases ARCANE damage taken, so it won't affect any other damage you take in the fight other than from the adds themselves.
    -Use orbs to interrupt the adds instead of your Sigil of Silence (Sigil will cause them to attack you will will stack the buff pretty high). Only use Sigil of Silence if you somehow mess up the orb (cause Velen decided to spawn one on top of you for example). You should never have more than 3 orbs cause the 4th one WILL cause the 1st one to despawn soon after spawning.
    -I only killed eyes that spawned in the lower part of the platform (Velen's side). That way you only have one side of the platform to stare at. After a while you'll probably get accustomed to the Knockback. If you're running low on DPS, it's probably good to kill them for the 20% damage from the Soul they drop.

    Transition between P1 and P2:
    Make sure the arcane adds have spawned and are interrupted. ONLY THEN should you transition the boss. A perfect transition would be: Adds silenced/killed, Infernal 5-6 seconds away from spawning, nuke the Inquisitor and get Kruul to fly on the platform.

    Tip: DO NOT SINGLE OR DOUBLE JUMP DURING KRUUL'S SPAWN. It will sometimes cause him to despawn. After I had him despawn a couple of times, I made sure I was on the ground while he spawned and he NEVER despawned again.

    Phase 2:
    This is the real fight for DHs, since P1 is pretty much a breeze after you've done it a couple (or hundreds) of times. This is about cooldown management and DPS.

    -Kruul is Imprisonable + Fearable, which should give you time to deal with adds and get your cooldowns up if you need to.
    -Annihilate will increase ALL damage you take from Kruul, including the Fel Fire on the Ground, his melee attacks etc.
    -Twisted Reflections is despellable by the Holy Orbs so if a cast goes off for some reason (which it shouldn't), you can always dispell it.
    -Getting out of the Fel Fire is EXTREMELY important after 2-3 stacks of Annihilate. This was my second highest cause of death in the encounter, after Annihilate deaths.
    -You can double jump over the shadowy lines in P2 and they won't displace you, but there is a safe spot (On the left side of the platform, somewhere between Velen and where the Inquisitor usually is). This shouldn't matter to you too much cause you will mostly be Leaping towards your destination (usually a holy orb).
    -Night Elves can (and SHOULD) use Shadowmeld to force an Annihilate on the Kor'vas NPC. You wanna do it after the 2nd Annihilate usually (or even 3rd), depending on Arcane Adds. Make sure the arcane adds have cast their Arcane AoE and it has been interrupted otherwise they will run away from you and it will make it hard for you to silence them without an orb. Also, when you Shadowmeld try to make sure nothing will knock you back. It shouldn't matter too much, but it's nice if you can stay in it for 3-4 seconds.
    -With the above method it is entirely possible to completely drop your stacks of Annihilate. After shadowmelding, Imprisson the next Annihilate into Sigil of Misery, into orb, into another Imprisson into MAYBE another orb, it depends on his timing and if he decides to cast his interruptable cast in between.
    -Your cooldowns should be as follows: 1. Spikes. 2. Spikes and Fiery Brands. (2.5, for Night Elves, the next Annihilate is when you shadowmeld usually) 3. Spikes and Meta (remember, Meta from Fueled by Pain is also good). 4. Last Resort, OR if you didn't pop Meta you can try with Meta + Spikes. If you're at full health and have absorbed a couple of soul fragments it's possible to survive it. Unlikely but possible.
    -Dying and kill the boss after your death COUNTS AS A KILL. Only when one of the NPCs dies will the fight fail.

    Detailed Fight / "Walkthrough"
    The fight doesn't start till you jump in so take your time.
    P1: Prepot, Infernal Strike, Brands, Immolation Aura, Meta, Soul Carver, Shear, Fel Devastation and then spam Soul Carver and Shear. Use Empower Wards at the END of the second Mind Rend that he does. That should be enough to last you for 2 Mind Rends. I personally stayed in for 7-8 stacks or till the Arcane Adds spawned. Once the arcane adds spawned, I walked out, Imprisoned Variss and then Feared him to make my stacks drop.

    Start walking towards the orb that Velen spawned and make sure you're facing the eyes. Walk into the orb after the cast goes off and if the adds are below 20% jump to Variss again. Don't use soul cleave till the adds are next to him.

    Now is the part where you kinda have to do your own thing, look for how many stacks you can take and make sure you always imprison him when you walk out of the aura, right before his Mind Rend is about to go off. Generally don't take over 6 stacks unless literally everything is dead. Also, fearing the Infernals in Variss' aura is a nice little bonus if one happens to go by it.

    As I said above, I ignored all the Eyes EXCEPT for the ones that spawned 20-30 yards around Velen. Those are the ones that will fuck you up, try cleaving them down with the Arcane Adds.

    On the second set of adds I always did the following: DPS them, orb on cast then immediately jumped on Variss, Branded him + Carver, then waited for the adds to come and Fel Devastation. I found that after I was doing this I was transition to P2 MUCH easier and with less infernals. Stay in for as long as possible but don't take over 6-7 stacks. Get out, Imprison -> Fear.

    The rest of the fight is pretty RNG based, you just have to deal with things as they come. Interrupt the adds and try to cleave them with Variss AFTER you interrupted them. Throw all your Sigil of Flames on Variss at all times.

    ONLY transition if you have just interrupted (or killed) the arcane adds. NEVER with the adds cast about to go off.

    P2: Hop on the boss and start your DPS rotation. I popped my Drums ~60 seconds into the fight, around the time my second Soul Carver was up, not at the beginning like most people but do what you feel suits you best. Spend most your pain using soul cleave till the 2nd Annihilate and make sure you Infernal Strike on the EDGE of the fel fire, to make sure the Strike hits the boss. Any DPS counts.

    Like in p1, you wanna use the orbs to interrupt the adds but it's much more important to keep your eye out cause orbs WILL be on top of the Fel Fire so keep your sigil for a case like that. The arcane adds in P2 WILL GO TO VELEN ALMOST EVERY TIME, so you NEED to pick them up with a Throw Glaive. It only takes 1-2 ticks of the Arcane debuff for Velen to die from the Arcane Explosion's first tick and that will most likely happen to you a bunch of times.

    Keep your eye at Holy Orbs at all times cause movement in that phase is NOT as easy as P2 even though there are less knockbacks. You wanna have a plan on how to move to an orb, especially if infernal strike is on Cooldown (which is why the infernal strike talent is so important imo).

    Other than that there really isn't much to it, all you have to do is make sure you use your cooldowns as I mentioned above and nuke the fuck out of the boss. If you feel like you're about to die and the boss is SUPER close to dying, pop a Sigil of Flame just in case the NPCs manage to kill him.

    Here's a relatively well executed try where I ended up fucking up my Last Resort / Adds Interrupt:

    Good luck and have fun (sidenote, I hope Velen dies a painful death)!

    Blood Death Knight

    Quote Originally Posted by Drynix View Post
    Some general tips for Blood DK.

    The eyes got an effect that makes them immune to all physical damage. This means only your blood boil, blood plague and death and decay can damage it. (from your base spellline)
    It seems you can immune a couple of nether stacks with AMS as soon as the little adds start casting it. This is your biggest threat BY FAR. Spectral Deflection might be a usefull talent here for once but I havn't tested this yet.
    Foul bulward is a nice semi counter to his aura effect. Even with a few stacks of his aura I still remain above 5 mil health. Which is a comfortable zone to be in.
    You'd think in a fight where there is a full heal orb that purgatory is a great talent. Sadly the orb heals 100% health, it doesn't set you to 100%. So if your max is 6 mil health and you are on -3 health in purgatory, grabbing an orb sets you to 3 mil health in the positive only. Keep that in mind. If you got a proper hang of the first phase and can clear it without popping purgatory, blood mirror might be a better choice. If you allign it to shoot the boss during a set of netherstorms you can inflict some serious damage on him.
    If you are not comfortable with the Blood Mirror talent to shoot the boss, bonestorm is a nice choice aswel. Since it clears the nether adds faster and it can damage the eyes.
    Note that you can use your death grip and Gorefiends to interrupt all types of casts. Even the drain life, he won't recast it instantly after!
    Tremble Before Me is a great talent for this, since it can fear and interrupt the boss. preventing many of his casts. It has saved me more than it should.

    Thats all the experience I have so far. Lowest I got him was about 20% in 5 tries. Going to try again in a little bit.

    Good luck everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zandrin View Post
    Completed this as a blood DK. Sorry, no video, but I wanted to share what I learned in detail in case it helps others (regardless of class). There is a lot of RNG to this fight. This is the strategy I used that I found to be most consistent, and that I was able to use to regularly reach Kruul until I could get phase 2 just right.


    ilvl: 911 equipped + str flask + haste food + augment rune

    Can be done a bit lower, but being 910+ really helps. Under 900 as blood, your execution would have to border on perfection.

    Legendaries: Sephuz's Secret + Aggramar's Stride.

    I found that the speed boost helped me a lot with periodic eye/infernal knockbacks, the sweeping P2 beams, getting to orbs in time on P2, having good positioning, controlling eyes, etc. If you don't have these or don't like that approach, bracers, shoulders, and belt are all strong and viable.

    Trinkets: Claw of the Crystalline Skorpid + Horn of Valor

    Your best DPS trinkets, really. These were the best I had available, although I wish I had a good Memento of Angerboda on hand for this. Horn or another strong activated stat boost is really good for burst when you DRW + Old War + Drums in P2. Stat sticks or Arcanocrystal are fine too if you don't have anything better.

    Talents: 3/1/1/2/2/3/1

    Bonestorm for burning down the arcane adds and infernals quickly. Tremble Before Me is very good here and will interrupt a lot of casts.


    I started every pull by walking behind Inquisitor Variss (where Kruul is standing when the RP starts) right on the very edge of the platform. Prepot old war and death grip him to the very edge and pop DRW, trinkets, etc. You need to burn really hard here while the fight is clean. I was going as high as 9-10 stacks before stepping out of his aura, then from outside using an asphyxiate stun and/or vamp blood then AMS and hitting the adds to heal (spawn time seemed to vary) to avoid getting one shot by his casts.

    Phase 1 Tips

    * This is a DPS race. Love it or hate it, but it is. The longer your pulls are, the harder the fight is to control. When I started consistently reaching P2, my DRW was still on cooldown, meaning P1 was ending somewhere in the 2:00 - 2:30 range most of the time.

    * Fight him on the very edge of the platform. Death grip him there at the start. This will greatly reduce the RNG placement of the eyes, and many will spawn either right on top of him or very close by and die for free to your blood boil. I know this sounds counterintuitive and scary because the eyes and infernals both knock you off the platform, but it's better to live dangerously and get good at dodging infernal hits than to have more eyes up spawning in a circle around you.

    * Make a focus interrupt (or equivalent) macro and focus Variss at the start. Don't try to interrupt every drain life and twisted reflection in this fight manually. There is already way too much you have to pay attention to.

    * Quickly get back into melee range of Variss to DPS again every time your debuff stacks drop. Try not to go higher than 4-5 stacks unless you know you can survive.

    * Don't fear the infernals. Early on, they will frequently knock you off the platform. You will get better at watching for their knockback attack, and can try sometimes to put your back to a wall if you must. When you're getting good at the fight, you'll be able to stand right in melee with Variss while infernals are there and move to dodge their slams (thank you, Aggramar's Stride).

    * Healing aggro will pull the arcane adds. Death strike something or use blood drinker on Variss as soon as new adds start moving to get their attention.

    * DO NOT USE ANY OF VELEN'S ORBS! This is important. If you're playing well, you don't need any in P1, and you need them really badly in P2.

    * Do not go far out of your way to kill eyes. If he's on the edge, many will spawn close enough that you can stand on the edge of Variss' aura and hit both him and the eye with blood boil. If it's too far away for that, either grip him on top of it, or ignore it. Killing them all is a waste of time.

    * The infernals will die over time. Only attack them directly if you need something to death strike to stay alive. I found that when I positioned on the edge, many infernals went to Velen and they didn't pose any real threat to him. He off-tanked many of them for me.

    * Be efficient with your attacks hitting Variss. When you're out of his aura dropping stacks, be on the very edge of it when you blood boil, and use blood drinker on Variss on cooldown.

    * Use bone storm nearly on cooldown to clear arcane adds. Try to have a bone storm coincide with your phase transition.

    * Do not use asphyxiate, gorefiend's grasp, or (for BEs) arcane torrent late in P1. You need them in P2.

    * Try to transition cleanly with a bone storm. The dream is to transition Variss while you're on top of him bone storming his adds down and have just Kruul and an infernal or two up to start P2.

    Phase 2 Tips

    * This is, again, a DPS race. You need very high uptime on Kruul. You need to stay up in his face as much as possible (green stuff on the ground is the hardest part of this). Time spent kiting keeps you alive, but doesn't ultimately help you win. You can only stop so many annihilates and the longer the fight is, the more chance the NPCs die to the adds.

    * Kite Kruul toward/around Velen's orbs. You're going to need them. Jump over or sidestep the pusher beams.

    * Set Kruul as focus as soon as he lands for easy interrupts. If he gets his heal cast off, it's basically a wipe.

    * Asphyxiate the first annihilate, and use it on cooldown to stop any annihilate you can after that.

    * I was able to eat one annihilate safely, and I believe a second one (BARELY) without a cooldown. If you have two stacks and can't stop a third annihilate from hitting you, start rotating major cooldowns as you see fit.

    * Try not to get annihilate stacks at all. asphyxiate the first one, then start using Velen's orbs to interrupt them and keep control of the adds. I used the orbs freely to "bridge the gap" for 45 seconds until I could asphyxiate again, then started using major CDs to survive any remaining annihilates and watched for any new orbs.

    * When you start using orbs, this is the best time to burn. Your DRW should be coming back up. Have a button to use old war + trinket activation + drums for lust, pop DRW, and shred him.

    * Have goblin gliders and a hot key for them. You can cast them mid-air to recover if a stray infernal knocks you off the platform, or (this happened to me) if the pusher beams knock you away while jumping from an orb that you desperately need to activate, you can quickly activate a glider to snag it.

    * You probably only get one gorefiend's grasp off in P2. Use it when you must clean up the adds, during drums/old war if possible. On my kill, the adds built up while I was using Velen's orbs, and I gripped them all together on top of Kruul after DRW and bone stormed them all down. You may need to use gorefiend's to pull mobs off Velen and save him. If you're a BE, arcane torrent is also amazing to stop Velen or Kor'vas from dying to the arcane adds' channel. Blood boil first to get aggro so they follow you after the interrupt.

    * The NPCs will die...a lot. It's frustrating. Just keep calm. At least when they die, you don't lose your augment rune/food!

    * Take a break. This took me more attempts than it should have because I tried to soldier through for hours. Relax. Have a drink. Take a short break every 5-10 pulls to keep your sanity...determined or not, you'll play better. My first pull of the week when mage tower went up I got him to 3.5m health and didn't get that close again until I made myself take a break 2 hours later.

    Don't give up! It's difficult, especially for blood in its current state, and the RNG sucks but you can do it!

    Guardian Druid

    Quote Originally Posted by Reloe View Post
    since there's no Guardian Video yet i'll just post mine. There's still a lot of room for improvement from my kill and i'll list a few things here aswell:

    - You can either use incap roar or one of the orbs to interrupt small adds, but don't use it before they start channeling, or just kill the wave fast enough with rage up.
    - You probably NEED either luffa or eko because otherwise even your trash won't be able to hit the boss outside of the dnd, I ran both of them so I could comfortably hit him with swipe aswell.
    - More Guardians ran Incarn over GG because of the dps check p2 is, I chose GG because it made p1 less of an issue and I knew the "dps check" everyone is talking about in p2 isn't that bad because you can even survive the 4th annihilate as seen in the video.
    - You always want to interrupt drain life asap, you can either charge in with skull bash, incap roar it or use an orb, also make sure you don't get knocked back into the dnd which could refresh your stacks.
    - Don't bother with ironfur in p1, just keep up mark of ursol there.
    - A lot of dmg in last phase actually comes from the leap, not the annihilate, you can intterrupt the boss mid-air with incap roar or run out of it very fast with stampeding roar, mitigating this is very important.
    - Use as little orbs as possible during p1, though one of them actually despawned for me once. I'm not sure about the exact timer, probably around 2minutes, but just make sure when you do use an orb you use the one that was spawned first.
    - Use RotS twice in p1 and it'll be up for p2, might even be up for 4th annihilate again if you time it well (which I didn't do)
    - Ideal cd's for annihilate would probably be skin for first, nothing for 2nd, SI for 3rd, SI+RotS for 4th, 2nd skin would just be used for leaps somewhere in between.
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    they already hotfixed the p1 trick with stunning/disorienting the inquisitor. p1 is way harder now.

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    Seems with Veng DH DPS is just as important as surviving. So I think I'll give this a miss for a while, since my Damage isn't quite high enough compared to Mythic geared Veng Tanks atm.

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    Ugh, I had really hoped dealing damage wouldn't be so important on a tanking challenge, very disappointed...

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    Quote Originally Posted by By the Emperor View Post
    Ugh, I had really hoped dealing damage wouldn't be so important on a tanking challenge, very disappointed...
    Agreed. Unfortunately, everything's about dps in WoW now - even healing m+. The dps is the only thing that keeps up with the gear inflation.
    Quote Originally Posted by kranur View Post
    I don't really hate bfa, outside of the extreme rng and crap systems and garbage gameplay

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonus View Post
    Agreed. Unfortunately, everything's about dps in WoW now - even healing m+. The dps is the only thing that keeps up with the gear inflation.
    I mean, nothing in the first phase is tank related, it might as well be a dps challenge. If this is intended to show mastery as a tank, they failed miserably.

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    The hardest part is velen not spawning and wasting 100 shards

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    Is it just me, or is the Life Drain and Velen's heal just totally random?

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    I'd like to add that most of the people that complete it cheesed it or have a very high combination of Artifact Rank and Artifact ilvl. Having high equipped-ilvl is not enough. If your artifact is <910-ish with <36-ish Rank it will hurt performance.

    *trying to outrange/LoS Phase 1 is a waste of time.

    Quote Originally Posted by ltm View Post
    The hardest part is velen not spawning and wasting 100 shards
    Yup. I gave up trying when this happened. Maybe it'll be "easier" after maintenance.

    Quote Originally Posted by stormgust View Post
    Is it just me, or is the Life Drain and Velen's heal just totally random?
    I've had similar issues like this as well. Maybe it's health break-point related, or something related to interrupts.
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    Velen is totally bugged calling it. 3 Smites after more than 3 minutes, i was doing 1.09M DPS and still couldn't meet the DPS req. Seems that Velen should be spamming smites on the inquisitor while we deal with the annoying trash, but it is bugged AF now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Balefulxd View Post
    Velen is totally bugged calling it. 3 Smites after more than 3 minutes, i was doing 1.09M DPS and still couldn't meet the DPS req. Seems that Velen should be spamming smites on the inquisitor while we deal with the annoying trash, but it is bugged AF now.
    Velen is doing the exact opposite for me, just smiting and not healing at all, which also doesn't work.

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    Velen is doing nothing in mine. Literally nothing... Am I doing something wrong?

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    Once I get luffa's I'll come back to this. Either that or another 15-20 ilvls. The dps part of it is where I am failing. Sure as hell isn't the tank mechanics... since there really aren't many.
    Druid Armory: Furlesque - STK

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    Velen does nothing in my (Prot pally) aside from every now and then drop orbs. For now I'm giving up on it

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    8 smites, a melee hit and no heals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by By the Emperor View Post
    Ugh, I had really hoped dealing damage wouldn't be so important on a tanking challenge, very disappointed...
    dps is an important part of tanks
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Crabs have been removed from the game... because if I see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* I’m sorry, I just can’t right now... I just... OK just give me a minute, I’ll be OK..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    dps is an important part of tanks
    No, it really isn't. Regardless of what you think though, dps is not what tanks are about, so designing an encounter around it is weird as fuck. They could just as well have used this challenge for dps, but it's for tanks only which would suggest that it's supposed to differ.

    Tanks are not damage dealers, we are tanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnyco View Post
    dps is an important part of tanks
    Umm no dps is an added bonus, and that's all
    Science has made us gods even before we are worthy of being men: Jean Rostand. Yeah, Atheism is a religion like bald is a hair colour!.
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    I dont disagree that DPS is important as a tank when pushing the bleeding edge of progression, every bit helps. This on the other hand is VASTLY different from one tank to the next. To require one tank to deal with DOUBLE the health as every other tank(pally) is ludicrous. To force prot warriors to deal with 90% magic damage is pretty unfair as well but at least they can complete it if they are 910+. Myself, as a 910 mythic raiding prot paladin am literally unable to complete this challenge due to the fact that I have to contend with the same as every other tank, yet everything has double the health and paladins do fffarrrr from double every other tanks damage.

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    as a prot warrior i feel like the amount of magic damage is too high, IP isnt enough and Spell reflect doesnt reduce the damage enough. Over all the fight isnt bad i like it and it is challenging but when an ability that is spammed does 2.5M damage comes out every few seconds it doesnt feel good.

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