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    (H) 906 Retribution Paladin LF Mythic Raiding

    906 Retribution Paladin currently looking to do Mythic Level raiding content and Mythic + Spam until my eyes bleed from the pretty particle effects. Current guild fell apart from too many veteran raiders leaving from the intense grind and lack of progression. I'm open to almost any raiding schedule but I am staying Horde. My recent raiding achievements include the following realm firsts! as a retribution paladin

    Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar - Garrosh
    Mythic Blackrock Foundry - Blackhand
    Mythic Hellfire Citadel - Archimonde
    Mythic Emerald Nightmare - Xavius
    Mythic Trial of Valor - Helya

    With current Nighthold progression stopping at 3/10 and I've put attempts into Krosus and Botanist on mythic so far.

    My Warcraft logs are here.
    My discord is Eon Drache #9710 or my battle tag is EonDrache#1295

    Edit: Apped to a guild.
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    Website: twilightcircus.info
    Youtube Channel: twilightcircusguild

    Horde guild on the Garona server.

    Raiding Schedule:
    Tue 9pm-12am (CST)
    Thu 9pm-12am (CST)
    Sun 9pm-12am (CST)

    Please contact me directly via battletag at Humphries#1132, so that we may talk, ask questions, and find out if the Circus is the right place for you.

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    Drakondia is looking for reliable and dedicated players who are interested in pushing further into mythics. We offer a laid back 18+ atmosphere that pushes for progression without acting like your second boss.

    We are currently 3/10 M NH, 2/3 M Tov and cleared 7/7 M EN before nighthold released.

    Raid Group 1
    Tues - 7 to 10 PST (Optional farm day, not mandatory)
    Wed/Thurs - 7 to 10 PST (Mythic progression days)

    Recruitment needs for G1
    Any exceptional DPS (Melee + Ranged)

    We are also looking to build a second raid group that will run normal and heroic nighthold to start, and eventually mythic.

    Raid Group 2 (In development)
    Sun/Mon - 6 to 8 PST (N/H runs)

    Recruitment needs for G2
    Currently open recruitment for all classes/specs
    Also will be seeking a raid leader to eventually take over raid duties in the future.

    If your interested in joining or would like to set up a time to talk, please contact one of the following officers below.

    Averínn - Averinn#11429 (GM)
    Cloakñdagger - CloaknDagger#1875 (Co-GM)
    Gràph - Dulonic#1838 (Officer)
    Hildi - Onnon#1569 (Officer)
    Jenkemjunkey - jenkemjunkee#1880

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