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    Any other suggestions on how to target faster? I feel like I spend 6 seconds targeting one I can't just to see another one almost in..

    I get to stage 5 now everytime but my best attempt had 4 adds. I wish these guys would should up on the party frames.
    i905 druid and can't do it..really really getting to me
    not really much that can help you in targetting them...6seconds would be a LOT, you can even run near them, if that helps you, they start being unattackable, while floating from the edge...but clicking

    people will advise you on mouseover-macros...and that certainly does make it easier, but I did it without
    like this:
    placed my mushroom under my party mates, so they're basically good...they'll benefit from wildgrowth and might get a rejuv or 2 in between waves
    wave 1: pop drums, pop int potion, pop tree of life(spec it ofc), cast a wg as soon as they become healable(you can do it on your own/one of your party mates if you have the range), try to get 1-2 instant regrowths on all of them,swiftmend can do the rest if necessary.
    wave 2: you should still have a bit of tree+ bl+potion up, so wg the same way, and rg on 2...focus on managing 2, the 3rd is not important
    --> the important thing is having healed 5 after waves 1+2...everything less will give you a HARD time later on
    wave 3: pop tranq...tranq almost does the job, even without tree and without drums, all that's needed after/before that, is a wg/a rejuv on all of them...if one slips through,you're still at 7/8...=> on wave 4 heal one ASAP, so you still only got the 2 adds from wave 2 and 3.
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    if you follow what Grmmppff says, I would on wave 3 cast the hots before tranq, because that way your hots actually get to tick and your tranq benefits from your mastery. I got it using the scheme described above in the thread were you tranq on wave 2 and just spot heal 2 guys in wave 3. Like that no one came through for me and I had a very clean transition into the boss.
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    As a usual clique/grid healer I also had a lot of trouble adapting to targeting the mobs on Stage 5. The method I ended up using was binding rejuv/wild growth/regrowth to shift + q/w/e(i have 1-4 dedicated to efflo and cooldowns). The actual buttons do not matter much so long as they are convenient for you. This gave me quick access to the only spells you need. I just sat right near the boss and held shift down and clicked and cast as fast as I could. I was completely immobile doing this but that is not an issue here.

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    915 - feeling like a fucking retard for not getting beyond p5

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