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    What characters from Warcraft you want to see in HotS most?

    Question is as simple as title says. What is your personal wait list, from most to least?
    My own is:

    1. Ner'zhul.
    2. Kel'thuzad.
    3. Grommash.
    4. Kilrogg.
    5. Khadgar.
    6. Kil'Jaeden.
    7. Lei Shen.
    8. Teron Gorefiend (DK).
    9. Kargath.
    10. Deathwing.
    11. Azshara.
    12. Archimonde.
    13. Tichondrius.
    14. Mannoroth.
    15. Maiev.
    16. Velen.
    17. Akama.
    18. Vol'Jin.
    19. Lothar.
    20. Garrosh.
    21. Mekkatorque.
    22. Blackhand.
    23. Xavius.
    24. Alexstrasza.
    25. Sargeras.

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    Definetly we need more trolls, goblins and taurens. But also i would love see someone from burning legion too.

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    Maraad. I would play the shit out of Maraad.

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    Malthael, Imperius, Mephisto, Baal and Belial!

    Wait, you meant Warcraft Heroes? Then I would go with Kel'thuzad, Tichondrius, Maiev Shadowsong and Maraad. Also Gelbin Mekkatorque could be cool if he is in his suit which you can customize through talents, don't really care for gnomes, but could be fun Hero.

    Seriously though, I want more villains added to the game. Playing good guys is boring, I want to embrace my inner malevolence.

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    Ner'zhul is far more interesting as the Lich King. The only thing he really accomplished as an Orc was accidentally destroying his homeland and collecting a few trinkets. He also put Gul'dan into power and formed the Horde, but combat wise he's relatively unremarkable.

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    Vol'Jin and Khadgar are my two most wanted. Ner'zhul would be pretty damn interesting, too.

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    Maiev and a Dreadlord.

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    A Pitlord like Brutallus
    Also Zilfallon the dreadlord. And Dentarg - while we have Cho'gall he is quiet "unique" within the ogres and has that annoying two player-requirement. So another Ogre would be cool (Wc2 style). Vashj could be cool.
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    I'd like to see a "real" priest hero. Preferably one that could talent into shadow(void?) or holy, maybe even a mix. (Multiclass hero, maybe?)
    Sadly, that would not be Velen. Perhaps Alonsus Faol or Anduin, they seem more likely to fit in.
    I would be ok with Void and Old god-ish magic, but not the insanity mechanic, I'd rather have a different playstyle.

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    We need at the very least all the Warcraft 3 heroes. We are still missing a Tauren Chieftain, a Warden(ess?), Lich, Dreadlord, Keeper of the Grove (Cenarius), and naga sea witch.

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    Highlord Alexandros Mograine, The Ashbringer.

    HotS needs a Ret Paladin to bring the justice, and Alexandros is THE Ret Paladin... He is also an extremely popular lore character, and his inclusion in that game would only be a good thing.
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    1. Maiev
    2. Cenarius
    3. Azshara
    4. Cairne Bloodhoof

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rothg View Post
    Maraad. I would play the shit out of Maraad.
    I agree. We need an offensive paladin. I'd rather have Maraad than Lady Liadrin.

    Reghar -> Thrall shaman treatment for paladins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hisholyness View Post
    I agree. We need an offensive paladin. I'd rather have Maraad than Lady Liadrin.

    Reghar -> Thrall shaman treatment for paladins
    Ugh, you're right... They do seem to have an unhealthy fascination with Liadrin. I like her but she is nowhere near as cool as Maraad.

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    A draenei. Not even picky which one.

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    Kel'Thuzad and Mekkatorque have been in database since very early development and I'm surprised that those two aren't announced yet

    I'd be happy if they release them to be playable soon.

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    The last vilians blizz added to the game was Ragnaros, Alarak and Zul'Jin. We could use more of bad guys seriously...
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