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    You can now buy the Legion season 1 PvP season gear appearance set for marks of honor

    **Sorry for the title fuck up**

    In case you weren't aware, 7.2 added vendors in Dalaran that sell the appearance ensemble's for the PvP season 1/2 gear for 12 marks of honor.
    Meaning if you couldn't complete the set, or if you want the PvP version of the set you can outright buy the appearances for just 12 marks of honor.

    For Alliance the vendor is in Greyfang Enclave(where the BG/WG portals used to be).
    For Horde the vendor is in Windrunner’s Sanctuary.

    The Alliance vendor was labeled "Legion Gladiator" so probably the same for the Horde vendor.

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    Thank you. Wowhead doesn't list them on any vendor.

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    If you broke 2k you can also purchase the Elite set.
    Softbottom - Stormscale

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    Discovered this a few days ago thanks to a video from Bellular. Love these recolors very much, especially on my DK and warlock.

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