Hello Everyone! After our guild suddenly disbanded, a group of friends and I are looking for a new guild that could hopefully take all of us. Our group consists of:

Server: AREA 52

907 Mistweaver Monk (Kyoshe)
908 Balance Druid (Oddtree)
904 Marksman Hunter (Elykken)
905 Assassination Rogue (Yoinked)
906 Balance Druid (Paoandi)
886 Windwalker Monk

All of us aside from the Windwalker Monk have raided together for a few expansions with experience in mythic content. This expansion we are currently:
7/7M EN (pre-patch)
2/3M ToV
4/10M NH (Krosus Kill)

***We would like to go Alliance***
Our Krosus kill was about 5 weeks ago and since then our guild has had trouble with losing members and recruiting. We are looking for a guild of equal or similar progress for the remainder of Nighthold as well as Tomb of Sargeras. We’re ready to transfer/faction change if we find an offer that works for us, and we are more than happy to discuss details and other things as well before we make the switch. To contact me please add Elyken#1882 on battle net. Thanks and please let us know if we can help your guild!