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    MMO-C Platinum Card

    MMO-Champion needs a brand new rewards credit card. In addition to a normal cash back system, you could also offer points on Amazon for every post made here, based on the number of characters in the post (posts that are later deleted or infracted will result in the loss of any points accrued for those posts). This will have a dual benefit: Not only do you promote lengthier and therefore more thoughtful posting, but it's a nice way to attract and retain loyal posters for many tens of thousands of posts as they continue to view your pages and give you ad revenue because they totally don't have adblock on I promise. Future expansions could even see an MMO-C exclusive line of products, featuring all your favorite posters. Get an Endus mug or a chaud birb hat free when you spend $500 with your new MMO-C Rewards Card.

    Adaptation and innovation are how you survive as a business. Consider expanding in this bold new direction and being the first internet forum to have such extensive branding and merchandising so that years from now MMO-C will be talked about for its revolution of commerce in the same way Amazon or Henry Ford will be.

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    wow, you are so innovative and empowering. You are the next Ellen Pao or Marissa Meyer for sure.

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