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    904 MM hunter LF Guild

    Im 904 equipped 3/10 mythic with experience in 5/10 currently looking for a guild that raids 10 CST onward on weekdays or that raids late at night from 12 am cst onward would make exceptions depending on situation and it must be a 2 day raiding guild.

    Im willing to Xfer depending on situation
    PM for my battle.net tag and we can talk.
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    Drakondia is looking for reliable and dedicated players who are interested in pushing further into mythics. We offer a laid back 18+ atmosphere that pushes for progression without acting like your second boss.

    We are currently 3/10 M NH, 2/3 M Tov and cleared 7/7 M EN before nighthold released.

    Raid Group 1
    Tues - 7 to 10 PST (Optional farm day, not mandatory)
    Wed/Thurs - 7 to 10 PST (Mythic progression days)

    Recruitment needs for G1
    Any exceptional DPS (Melee + Ranged)

    We are also looking to build a second raid group that will run normal and heroic nighthold to start, and eventually mythic.

    Raid Group 2 (In development)
    Sun/Mon - 6 to 8 PST (N/H runs)

    Recruitment needs for G2
    Currently open recruitment for all classes/specs
    Also will be seeking a raid leader to eventually take over raid duties in the future.

    If your interested in joining or would like to set up a time to talk, please contact one of the following officers below.

    Averínn - Averinn#11429 (GM)
    Cloakñdagger - CloaknDagger#1875 (Co-GM)
    Gràph - Dulonic#1838 (Officer)
    Hildi - Onnon#1569 (Officer)
    Jenkemjunkey - jenkemjunkee#1880

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    Hey, we are currently looking for ranged dps to fill our ranks on US-Proudmoore. Would love your btag to chat.

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