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    Brofessionals Sargeras US Mythic Nighthold RDPS Heals WED/THURS 9-12Midnight PST

    About us
    Brofessionals! We are a group of friends who have been playing this game for a while now. We all used to be hardcore raiders, but now we have decided to just do casual mythic raiding. Although we are casuals we still have the mentality for each of our players to be excellent and knowledgeable of their class. We want people who will come prepared so we don't have to waste our time wiping on mistakes because they were unprepared for it. Casual yes, but doing it with ease. Also we have people who like to level and pvp on our free time.

    Brofessionals - Sargeras
    Mythic Nighthold & Beyond!
    Wednesday - Thursday 9:00PM TO 12MIDNIGHT PST (11:00PM - 2:00AM SERVER TIME)
    Currently: 10/10H & Ready to Start Mythic!

    Recruiting: Hardcore casuals players clearing on a shorter schedule

    Currently Recruiting:

    RDPS (Mages, Hunter, Warlock, Ele Shaman, Shadow Priest)

    DPS (Rogue, DK)

    HEALER (Monk, Priest, Pally, Druid)

    All other classes is welcome.

    What we expect our raiders to have
    -A brain. We don't want to have to teach you how to play YOUR game. Come prepared and always have an open mind.
    -Discord. Almost an essential to raiding. Communicating without having to type is win.
    -A stable connection. No one likes DCers. Life happen of course, but if it happens too often you waste our time and yours.

    What you can expect from us.
    - Experience active members
    -Prepared for the raid
    -Guild bank
    -Good people

    Question? Interested?
    *In Game: BeastLee#11996 & Supreme#1881

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    Bump bump bump

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    Need more to start Mythic raiding!

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    Need some DPS!

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