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    Any reason a dying game like RIFT still has a dedicated forum?


    I was told to post this here a year back, but never got around to it.

    Isn't it time to just wrap up all the threads in the RIFT forum into one megathread?

    It seems to be one guy who makes new "marketing" and "promotional" posts and is assumed by many to just be a paid Trion marketing shill and he instigates regular arguments.

    I just don't get how a game like RIFT which has (maybe) 5,000 or so players has its own dedicated thread while Elder Scrolls Online which has thousands more players as does Black Desert Online, Blade and Soul, Tera don't have their own thread and this toxicity is allowed to be spewed.

    RIFT doesn't even have progression raiding at the moment and won't have for probably another two months (no progression raids for 7 months AFTER the release of the new expansion which released with 2 new dungeons, no raid and not much else) and even has "pay for more loot rolls" - which to me seems really, really Pay 2 Win. Is there any real dispute that any rational person can make that it isn't?

    The game doesn't even have enough players on either EU or NA to fill one shard to above "medium" population. The majority of the shards are empty with Trion desperately "load balancing" (their words - it's actually a bit of a running joke as everyone knows they do it to make the game appear busy) by putting ALL players on one server on login leaving all the others empty.

    It's just constant bickering and advertisement / marketing for Trion by one lone guy in that forum.

    Isn't it time to put RIFT out of its misery and close it and stop pandering to a guy who uses it as Trion's personal marketing site?

    It has deteriorated to a rather smug individual (who even regularly pushes the mod's limits of patience) defending the game and just pages of pages arguing and of no real useful information in the forum at all.

    It just seems to me that (based on the current state of the game and Trion RIFT, the company), MMO-Champ is contributing to people being misled by the resident Trion marketing community ambassador by giving him a free marketing forum where he can open up multiple threads.
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    While that is the case I think it's just more hassle for admins to remove sub forums than it is just keeping them there. Personally I agree with you on bits here Wocky but sometimes you do take it a bit overboard. I mean that with absolutely no offense.

    If the admins can remove it tbh get rid of the Minecraft one as well and the GW2 one. To be honest the site needs a clean up in barely active sub forums but again I'd need a Blue/Red to explain how hard it is.
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    Killing off an entire subforum is disruptive and upsetting to the people that participate in those places, so we do our best to avoid it. It's the same reason why we also try to be extremely cautious before making any new forums.

    That said, decisions like this are always made based on the activity on the forum, not based on the state of the game, so how one feels about the raiding or the business model is not particularly relevant.

    If activity drops low enough to warrant it, then it may happen, but that's something chaud will have to review internally.
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