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    "Find Latest Posts" Doesn't Include The Actual Latest Posts (Takes An Hour To Update)

    So if you want to look at someone's recent post history, you can go to their profile and click "Find latest posts" or just click on their name in the forum and click "View posts". But the search that finds those latest posts is delayed/not updated immediately.

    Like, if you [the one reading this] makes a post in this thread, and then check your post history, it probably won't be updated to include the post you just made. As for how long it takes to update, it could be anything from immediate to hours until the search does accurately show your post history.

    This same problem occurs if you try to look at someone's "Find latest started threads"/"View Started threads".

    I've had this issue for months now, but it wasn't always like this. The search used to show the latest posts immediately. I'm assuming along the way something changed that makes it not update immediately. Fix it.

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    Aware, the index only updates hourlyish right now, sometimes longer. On the to-do list to fix.

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