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    Blackwatch McCree Skin :O

    The American Boss

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    I didn't find his skin to be that impressive, equally so for the new OW uprising skins. Now, the Blackwatch Genji skin is fucking AMAZING.

    And D.Va has literally the best intro ever now.

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    Widowmaker's is my favorite.
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    This one seems weird. I'm not sure what it is.

    I think its how cosy he looks in that outfit. I can't help but see him like some little kid going off to school, not some badass mercenary.

    Look at his clothes for just his upper body and head alone.

    A hat, a full head of hair and beard + sideburns, a scarf over a shawl, over a set of body armor, over a thermal vest by the looks of it.

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    I liked nearly all the new skins. The alternate Torbjorn one (the orange one) was kind of meh, and I don't get the genji skin hype. I think it looks absolutely terrible, and I was unfortunately cursed and received it out of my second loot box. All I want is the Mercy skin
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    BW McCree is frankly my least favorite of them. There is something that bothers me on the stomach and crotch area. I'm not sure what it is, but I think it has something to do with the fact that it is mostly a single color, lighter than the rest. Makes him look kind of fat too.

    Other than that, all of them are fine, none blew my mind. Mercy and Genji got the best ones IMHO.

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    Love his new skin so much I considered playing McCree...but then I realized he's kind of boring. Genji, though...sick skin AND fun to play. Success!

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    I love this skin, more so than the Genji one believe it or not.

    I don't know why, maybe because of how simplistic it is.

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    I pretty much love all of the new skins, minus maybe the alternative Torbjörn one (he looks off without a beard). I think it's the first event where I actually care about collecting (and using) them all before it ends.

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    Nice looking skin, I'd like to get that one.

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    It'd look better if his gun didn't have all that crap on it. Maybe no hat as well?
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    yea, no hat, maybe with a bandana ?

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