We get a number of messages about this issue, so I thought I would make a sticky to address the problem.

If you have less than 15 posts on the forums outside of Guild Recruitment, our spambot filter automatically will regularly catch your posts and require them to be manually approved by a moderator. This will also happen anytime you edit an existing post, even if it has been approved previously. If the thread is currently in the moderation queue pending approval, you will not see the thread in your history and a direct link may specific "Invalid thread." If the situation does not fix itself within 24 hours, you are welcome to send a private message to any of the global (blue named) moderators to have them manually approve it.

To have all restrictions lifted from your account including the spambot filter, you need to reach 15 posts on our forums outside of Guild Recruitment, Fun Stuff, and Chat Zone. The best long term solution is to find ~15 threads outside of these areas to post your opinion on. Do keep in mind that these will need to be regular posts with substance otherwise they will get deleted and may be marked as spam. Once you have that, you should never have a problem with your recruitment threads again.