View Poll Results: Why are you doing the challenges?

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  • Prestige

    97 21.75%
  • Challenge myself

    120 26.91%
  • Cool weapon appearance (idc how hard or easy it is)

    136 30.49%
  • Nomi is a puppet of N'Zoth

    93 20.85%
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    cuz i can and its easy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leyre View Post
    Because the Guardian skin is the best skin ever created
    And I don't even play druid.

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    I plan on doing my OS challenge as I personally find the Timebender's Blade atrocious, and the Arcane staff is Meh... The Frost staff is Sweet looking though, and would like to have that for the future.

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    Banned SamuelE's Avatar
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    my guildmates said they were hard. I beat them for my main and offspecc within an hour without flask food drums etc. to remind them who I am

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    i think they are quit fun to do, i'm 2 out of 3 so far, i want to do them before i have to much gear and it doesn't require as much to do them, i want to feel like i earn them not that they were given to me for free..

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    E: I'm not. I don't give af about any of the appearances.
    No surrender! 70 Vanguard - Ebon Hawk

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    It was pretty easy and gave me something to do

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    The blood do artifact looks stupid

    So do all the hunters

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    The poll should really allow multiple answers. Heaven forbid I'm doing it for prestige AND to challenge myself as opposed to one singular reason.

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    Cool weapon appearance and nice challenge as well!

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    Because Nomi is a puppet of N'Zoth and Khadgar is a ... a Wizard you know. I don't really care about these challenges as I know they are far and above my solo skill level anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slaskel View Post
    Couldn't live knowing other people did it and I couldn't
    I agree with this sentiment. My main driving force was prestige, or rather, showing that I also could do it this early on.

    At first I thought I'd mog over the appearance once I got it, since the Frost DK skins are quite small typically, but I've found this appearance is decently sized, and the graphic looks nice and goes perfectly with T19 Heroic colors.

    So, my main motivation was prestige, secondary was the appearance.

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    Challenge​. The skin looks like shit imo (balance).

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    For a challenge. I don't really like the skin but I did it anyways.

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