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    Updating the title of your own thread

    It probably isn't necessary for most of the forums, but it seems logical to have the ability to do so for Guild Recruitment forums. The only thing I've found on the topic is a very old post that mentioned to 1. message a moderator or 2. simply report your own post. Both of those seem silly to me. Which moderator? Where am I suppose to find that information? Also, I'd imagine moderators have better things to do than update the title of my Guild's Recruitment post every time we get a new kill...

    I've tried reporting my own post before with wildly varying results. It typically takes 4-5 days to get it changed. Many times we would have gotten another new kill before the title was updated...now I need to do a second report and wait again...It seems inefficient, and not including current progression in the title isn't satisfactory.

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    If we could do the settings on a per-forum basis, we would do it for Guild Recruitment. Unfortunately the option is only global and we don't want to enable the ability on other forums.

    If you are having trouble getting post reports handled in a timely fashion, just send a PM to any global mod and we can update it for you.
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