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    arms will have some sick aoe if the mortal strikes from t20 set bonus also strike 2 targets around them, thats 18 MS's going out while everything is under CS with ravager and WW spam on top :S

    fury atm is the better aoe burst but that might change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LazyCoding View Post
    Avatar's uptime is 22% which results in 4.4% overall dps incrase. Let's double it because you use DoS and BC always in Avatar window. so it is less than 10% overall dps. While Fervor is 80% increase to your most used ability. It may win over Avatar dps wise. But let's assume it will be a dps loss I will still go Fervor if the loss is not huge. It smooths the rotation and brings FR to its original pupose: to increase damage of next MS. Seems to be more fun to me.

    The talent i m worried to lose is not avatar and not even AM. It is Titanic Might becuase you may have to pick Trauma for Fervor. TM is realy good on PTR. Guaranteed permanent CS debuff and with it you never have a bad luck on tactitian.
    That's the wrong way to look at Avatar. Since you are lining up CDs with Avatar, it does significantly more damage than 4.4%.

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