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    Question Fury Stats

    Hello all,

    im very confused about fury warrior stats. using pawn and simulationcraft. it looks always need haste. but some1 said haste should be max 29-30%.

    my stats are: 18% crit - 29% haste - 40% mastery - Versatility 7%

    i should incrase my haste ? and if i shouldnt, why pawn said "i need more haste" ?

    thx. i hope u can help me :/

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    You shouldn't worry about hitting certain breakpoints, just focus on following the stat weight priority that you simmed. Unless you're severely lacking in haste, then haste and mastery will be mostly equal (with haste usually being slightly better). However, if you get too much haste, you'll find that your stat weight order will change and it will probably favor mastery slightly. There's really no "exact" stat distribution that you need to have right now.

    Of course, the higher you can bring your haste and mastery the better. But due to the fairly terrible stat distribution on Tier 19 you'd be hard pressed to achieve getting both stats high without a very high itemlevel and using legendaries such as prydaz.

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    my ilvl 904 right now. u think my stats looks good ?

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    Mastery seems a bit on the low side (to be fair, so is mine) but I'd have to see your character. My low mastery is due to my legendaries along with the tier pieces I'm forced to use to get my 4-set. As long as your sim dps is going up and you're not seeing a performance decrease in-game, you should be fine.

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    thx a lot. btw my armory link.:

    well i think im gonna be fine. my haste was 35% before and equal with mastery. but my good guildie fury friend told me, thats too much. i should decrease my haste. and i did. but im so confused when "pawn" looks i need much haste. thx again. i can be relax right now i suppose.

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    so I wonder ...isnt vers > mastery generally since you wont have a 100% enrage uptime anyways and mastery only increases enrage dmg?

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    With tier 19 you have something like 90% and above enrage uptime and mastery gives more % per point than versa, which is why mastery is better. Also most of our damage comes within the battle cry window and you're always enraged there.

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    Ye i fuckibg hate Batylecry design/playstyle... On topic id stick to stacking haste.
    Geme smtn 2 kielllllll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordzed83 View Post
    Ye i fuckibg hate Batylecry design/playstyle...
    All opinion I guess. I haven't had this much fun as Fury since MoP. The CD phase being on short burst CDs help it feel more like a raging berserker, and it's also nice to finally have a spec that doesn't suffer from rage starvation at times, instead that rage is used to smooth out enrage uptimes reducing RNG.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordzed83 View Post
    Ye i fuckibg hate Batylecry design/playstyle... On topic id stick to stacking haste.
    go play a rogue.
    dont listen to this person.

    your crit is high and mastery is low, get rid of that neck asap, its 1400 of good stat, any neck with haste mastery will do (5k shards and you will get something good in no time out of it)
    that trink has got to go, you cant have just 2 legendaries with over 30 NH clears, what other trinket options do you got? and what leg options do you got?

    also dont use preset pawn stats, learn to sim your own with simc, its kinda hard if you never did it, takes 10min you can find a ton of videos on youtube with step by step.
    pawn with sim is like a tailored suit, instead of borrowing your dads.

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    Don't you want slightly over 30% haste to fit a 3rd rb into battle cry(provided dos isn't up)?
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    T19 has crit in 3 out of 6 pieces. Why is that ?
    It is too hars to keep stacking haste over the crit and mastery in NH.

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