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    R1 Warr PoV: "Master the PvP!" Arena Insight | 7.2 Legion Guide

    Hi & hello!

    So in this new, (7.2) video I would like to cover few aspects I didn't have time for recently.
    That is:
    ✔ a general insight of the PvP aspect from my own PoV as well as
    ✔ give you a quick update on quite demanded topic regarding my UI (addons, macros) in addition to
    ✔ few "tips" at the end of the video which I hope some of you will find useful.

    If you are a "Gladiator" titled player already you may not find this guide too interesting, but for now...
    Sit back and enjoy the talk!

    As always,
    see you on the arenas!


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    I think it is the wrong youtube link.

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    I think this is the link he meant to use:

    Top 100 World Progression.

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    Video advertisements is not allowed on MMO-C, going to lock this thread.
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