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    Kind of dumb to enchant every piece when you may have to change it after possibly 1 day, and more importantly when those enchants + gems bring close to nothing for most classes.
    I mean, seriously ? +100 haste when you already have 10k ? Trust me, even with 1k haste, you wouldn't notice the difference. If you do, chances are, it's not because of the gems / enchants but because of rotations, unexpected plans (making you to move out of bosses range), or raids buffs not being the same, etc etc. Hell there are so many reasons to make a difference in dps and they're far more important than enchants / gems.
    It's not like the previous expansion where enchanting / gemming could make a "big" difference.
    I'd be glad to get uninvited from your group because you seem to be a little nitpicky with the gear.
    He's going to replace his legendary items in 1 day? Lol.

    Also, seems unlikely he'll be replacing anything soon as he is 875 item level and is currently 3/10 normal nighthold unless he suddenly gets carried through heroic, I can't expect you to understand where I'm coming from so I won't bother explaining how horribly wrong I think you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorachus View Post
    I just DING'd 110 just last week. Got him to i875 Tuesday, and only been playing a bit each night, haven't had time to sink a lot of time into this alt yet. But working on it. But I've only been Level 110 for just eight days now.

    Reason I haven't Enchanted gear or slotted it yet, because I see myself replacing most of this gear quickly, with Guild carry runs this weekend.
    Also just saw this, makes a bit more sense now. Enchant your gear anyways and don't be cheap!!

    Update 3: I see you have +10 strength gem now in your 890 counterweight, you're just trying to get a rise out of me now!

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    Dos and CoF will help a lot like other said.

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    My dps sucks, but at 890 with no tier, trash leggos, and no CoF (I have a raid finder DoS) it seems to be within what's expected according to the logs.

    That's the thing about dps and ilvl, it doesn't always tell the story. An optimized 880 will blow a 900 out of the water. I think the trinket combo alone is a 100k dps upgrade; add good legendaries and tier and its a massive difference.
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