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    The Highlord's Return - Yes you can

    I see a lot of people looking for info on this, I thought I'd share my approach as it seems to be a large difference in how I completed it.
    The major problems I was having was being overwhelmed in p2, if your having the same issue try the following:

    Gear: I broke 4 set and went for my highest TF items or items with alot of vers I.E. Odyns/spell blade chest over Gul'dans, the set bonus is very minor on this fight, for legendary's ( I have all current Prot ones ) I decided to go sephuz and belt, trinkets I used the DPS Claw trinket off Scorp ( I forgot the name ) and a Horn of Valor.
    Talents: 1,1,3,3,1,3,1

    My goal was to front-load as much dps into p1 as I could to have as few internals out in p2 as I could, at the start I would pre-pot an old war pop my CD's and Drums and stay on top of the boss as long as I could, this meant going to about 9-10 stacks by doing the following;
    1) Kick the first cast for sephuz
    2) Ignore the first eye spawn ( you need to alternate spending rage on IP/REV)
    3) Kick his 3rd/4th Cast again ( you needed to have interrupted ASAP on the first cast to do this, but should wait till he is just about to cast for this one )
    4) At this point adds should be out, shockwave( it's important you hit all the adds+ boss as it reduces the CD ) the adds just as he is about to cast and keep cleaving them down ( use spell reflect here, as the stun ends to stop the adds from doing there arcane shit)
    5) Pummel the last cast just as you hit around 10 stacks and leap ASAP as far as you can hug the outer rim behind Vel, this will cause the boss to be out of range and move forward along with any eyes in the back, during this time let your stacks drop. ** THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, AS IT ALLOWS A FREE RESET AND THE BOSS WONT CAST UNTILL IN RANGE **
    6) An infernal should have spawned by now just before you leaped ignore it, as it will kill it self trying to walk over to you, with your stacks dropped and the boss moved he he should be around 30-40% cleave him down saving shockwave for adds+ boss cast interrupt drain life try and use TC/Kick/Stuns/charge roots to keep up sephuz for the extra dmg cleave the boss as hard as you can.

    If you have done this right you will push him very fast 1 maybe 2 internals at most, ( you should be around 6 stacks, let him beat on vel for a sec drop stacks and then go ham )
    Eyes de-spawn in p2 so ignore them with only 1 infernal and 2-3 orbs from Vel on the ground p1 is very easy, save leap or intervene Vel as soon as Kruul leaps interrupt his cast and stun / orb annihilate for a rule of thumb I did the following.

    Kicked twisting 1
    Orb Annihilate cast 1
    Kicked twisting 2
    SW Annihilate cast 2
    Kick Twisting
    Chain disorientate the remaining orbs/shockwave just stay on boss full time.

    ***Always save leap for his leap, you can avoid 99% of the dmg by leaping when he does***

    This is the way I did it
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    Made an account just say thank you! I completed this 905 equipped with this strategy, though I never saw timings quite like what you described. Similar enough though. Phase 2 was fairly easy, kiting Kruul around Vel and just dashing to him ( I made a macro to intervene him) whenever Kruul leapt. Minimizing time in P1 was so helpful.

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    Wd Jazko - thanks for the tips!

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    I found it better to spell reflect the twisting reflections, gives you a bit of extra healing.

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    Great strategy man - what talents were you running for this build? Also, one point of clarification, when you're talking "casts" you mean of the Mind Rend I assume? What were you doing to address the Drain Life casts would you say? Cheers mate and thanks again for an alternative strategy - always great to have options.

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