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    Their excuse: Don't worry! AK is there for a reason !!!!!!!11111 legendaries are earned by doing content!! if you dont have them, then you arent doing enough content!1123
    This website LOL

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    My opinion is they're far too slow to react to balance issues for a number of spec/classes. Nerfing fire into the ground while buffing frost past it was spitting in the face of anyone who enjoyed the spec and thought they would be able to play it this expansion. The 6% nerf was them wiping the spit off with a used tissue. I'd like to see them stop fucking around and fix the spec. If they need to add DR to our cleave/aoe to keep that side from getting out of hand then they should have done it already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Raelbo View Post
    Yeah, clueless me, bringing logic and reason to a rant!

    Well, in all fairness, I did say almost all classes...

    Pretty sure this just ain't true. It's far more likely you've just misremembered or misconstrued something before you understood the context properly

    Logic 101. If a bunch of other people are playing the game in a different way to you, and they're all having fun and you're not, odds are you're doing something wrong.

    No, it's more like saying if you don't like your fish the way you cooked it, but I like my fish the way I cooked it, maybe you should look at my recipe before blaming the fish.

    Such a weak ad hominem. If that's the best you can conclude with, it says a lot about the quality of your argument.
    Ignore facts and cry all you like. It does not change a thing.

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    honestly find a group that matches your mindset to play with, if you are pushing world/realm first then yes a difference of even 1% is an issue, but if you are just raiding for fun or even progression but not chasing "first" play what you enjoy. I'm happy i found a group that clears HC and some mythic with a like attitude in that if we need X amount of DPS we don't care what spec or buffs etc long as you do it. Granted i'm a tank but its still nice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gushDH View Post
    If you look at how the specs perform throughout Legion so far, you can see that there isn't a single class where the differences between specs were at least somewhat consistent. The problem is not that one spec is performing slightly better after changes, it is that it performs way better:

    Mage: Fire was god at start, but now it's horrible, so mages are pretty much forced to change to frost.

    Hunter: MM was the go-to, now it looks like BM is stronger.

    Warrior: Arms at start, Fury now.

    Death Knight: Unholy then Frost.

    Warlock: Demo/Destro at start, Affliction now, and it seems like it will go back to Destro if nothing changes until 7.2.5 launch.

    Rogue: I am not 100% sure about rogues, but I think at start Outlaw was the best, and now it's Assassination.

    It's needless to say that someone should play what they want and like, but it's normal for someone to want and like to perform the best they can. So if someone wants to do that, they will have to switch specs, no matter their preference.

    What are your thoughts?
    Blizzard is not holding a gun to your head to change specs. As said earlier play what you enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mofn View Post
    Herpie man, please stop, youre embarassing yourself. I play BoS build, and our actual rotation after popping CDs (which dont count towards the rotation btw) is;
    - Remorseless every 20 seconds
    - Oblit/Howling
    - You pop Sindra Fury after a few seconds to let your Razor stacks get to 5.
    - Oblit/Howling
    - You pop HRW once you see you cant sustain BoS any more.
    - Oblit/Howling
    - Oblit/Howling/FS once BoS ends.

    Pillar, BoS, Sindra Fury, HRW do not count towards a "rotation", so overall we play with 3 buttons more or less.

    Unholy uses 4 buttons more or less if we discount the CDs (which includes SR), however they need be attentive regarding their Wound amount, and adjust Rune spending accordingly. This gets harder if you have the Bracers lego.
    And no matter what you say to respond to this, looking after this extra "resource" does make UH noticeably more intricate than frost.

    Pet micro is basically non-existent, though sometimes you would like to move him out of certain AOEs.
    pet mangeaement can be thing if you dont pick sludge belcher and instead use normal ghoulwhen transformed normal is 180° cleave and belcher 360° cleave gasscloud but other that it doesnt really
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    The issue is that Fire is slightly behind on DPS so the community thinks because it's behind by any degree, that means it's now garbage and you are being forced to reroll.

    IE the dumbest possible conclusion you can make.
    Quote Originally Posted by Reglitch View Post
    the monk complaint to turnaround cycle takes around 1 expansion, we got rid of mastery this expansion so LC will be reworked in 8.0

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