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    900 Affliction Warlock LF Late Night Weekday Raid Guild

    My name is Murdaamook. I currently main a iLvL 900 Affliction Warlock. I have a few other alt characters around the 850-
    870 iLVL. Been playing wow since BC. Stopped for a while, picked it back up again on Legion release. I have raid XP and pick up on mechanics extremely quickly. I am currently looking for an older Mature Raiding Guild for some late night weekday raiding. I am available to raid Monday - Thursday 10pm - 2am EST. Leave me a message here or add me in game.


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    Hey Mook (Can I call you Mook?)

    I added you in game. I'm fairly sure we fit your raid times exactly, and we're looking to expand.

    We have a thread in the guild recruitment forum, but it won't let me post the link O_o

    Crucial on Dalaran, if you want to look us up.

    I hope to hear from you!

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