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    Just hit 425 and for 2 crates and got a legendary from each. Arthas skin in one and dehaka in the other.

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    lmao 200g reroll and got this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TITAN308 View Post
    lmao 200g reroll and got this:

    and whats in it? :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by pzijderv View Post
    and whats in it? :P
    It was the arthas invincible horse (I think?) and a thrall elemental skin.

    Neither of which I will probably use. lol

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    Lots of loot boxes to open! 66 regular, 11 rare, 3 epic, 1 Li-Ming, 1 Kharazim and 1 Zeratul chest!
    Gonna list the rewards later, but first box some impressions. Excuse my vulgarity, but my motherfuckin' first reroll of a regular box gives me a legendary Sulfuron Uther! Excellent start! Later on received two heroes and two skins out of a regular box!

    My opening practices were these: unless there are at least 2 rare items or better in a box - reroll until 2 rare or better. Only 2 or 3 times did I reach the max amount for rerolling common boxes. In total spent 11k gold, would say it was totally worth it. Even received a legendary skin as a copy once (didn't reroll it 'cos it gave lots of shards).

    Anyhow, to keep the list a bit cleaner, I'll only list skins which I liked, same with the voices, banners, emojis and so on. Since I don't write the colour for the skins, some of them will be the same as in my previous list from 3-4 weeks ago.

    • Legendary
      Queen of Ghosts Kerrigan, Azmodunk, Mecha Dehaka, Sulfuron Uther
    • Epic
      Cheerleader Kerrigan, Demon Hunter Valeera, Tiger Kharazim, Hellblade Samuro, Balespider Gul'dan, Ghost Tracer, Roller Derby Nova, Star Queen Li-Ming
    • Rare
      Pirate Queen Cassia, Serpent King Xul, Warden Tyrande, Pure Country and Glam Metal E.T.C., Sacred Oath Johanna, Elite Agent Nova & Dominion Agent Nova (best Nova skins!), Sulfuron Ragnaros, Grand Marshal Uther, Bloodfang Valeera, Turbo Tracer


    2017 Championship banner, Fellboar, Spectre Phantom (wonderful!), Butcher's Beast, Cyber Wolf, two plain horses

    Food pack 2, Gul'dan 1 & 2, Illidan 2, Li-Ming 2, Tychus 2 (looks so adorable! )

    • Announcers
      Nazeebo, Tassadar
    • Voice lines
      Too many to list, but cool ones are filled (Abathur, Chen, Li-Ming) or at 4/5

    • Heroes
      Kharazim (copy), Lt. Morales, Kael'thas (copy), Anub'arak, Tyrande, Sonya
    • Banners
      Overwatch banner/warbanner, Witch Doctor, Wizard, Demon Hunter banners, Raiders Terran Banner (very nice!), WoW racial banners/warbanners and Alliance banner (very nice looking) (
    • Sprays
      Animated hearts!, animated Zarya!, paper Chen (so adorable!), cartoon Li-Ming (once I stop being a noob that shall be sprayed everywhere!), some D3 class sprays and some WoW icons (very nice looking, especially icon of the cursed)
    • Portraits
      WC3 ones (very nice, 100% cool), WoW Arthas, Ragnaros and Kael'thas. But still no sepia, guess I'll have to get those using shards

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    I had Sgt. Doomhammer before the patch, now I'm missing 1 master tint and the neon war world tint. O.o Also opened Crimson Wrath Sonya, don't think I'll use it since I prefer the helmless version. Also some other master tints I didn't have yet, not a bad haul for the 10 free chests.

    Oh, got the God King Leoric portrait aswell, great portrait to match my favorite Leo skin!

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    Salty Buccaneer Falstad in my brawl crate for this week!
    Moderator of Heroes of the Storm, come say hi!

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    Hit 10 with Tassadar, got Red Mecha Tass out of my Tass chest. Not bad at all.

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