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    907 Guardian Druid LF Mythic Progression Guild

    I have 6/10 Mythic experience, having killed Krosus, Spellblade, and Tichondruis. I am looking for a guild that has similar or better progression. My available times are Tues-Sat anytime after 7 PM EST. What I am looking for in a guild is an active community and a comfortable environment. I'm on almost every night running Mythic plus or grinding AP. I am currently at 47 traits in my mainspec weapon, and 36 in all of my offspecs. I am willing to Realm and/or faction transfer. I'd prefer Alliance, but ultimately I just want a place to settle down in.

    Feel free to add my battletag: Melkor#1289

    Sadly I cannot post links, but I have logs. Moltisanti-Sargeras for anyone who wants to look up the logs.

    Have a great day!
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    <Reforged> is a Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guilde on Thrall Horde side. We are currently 3/10M Nighthold
    with a limited raid schedule of 9pm EST-12pm EST Tues/Weds. We expect our raiders to come prepared
    and have knowledge of fights beforehand to utilize our time as best as possible. While we
    may only raid a couple nights you will often find something to do with others in this guild. We may not always be on WoW but
    most of us sit in discord throughout the day to play other games/talk/etc. If this sounds like a guild
    that interests your please message myself, or one of the other officers for more information!

    Forcepath#1176 (That's me!)

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    Hey Curinir, if you are keen to raiding on the weekends, and on a 2-day schedule, my guild <Tell Us A Story> sounds like a great fit for you.
    We are one of the top 2 day guilds in the US atm, we don't have to raid all week to get stuff accomplished. We are also a very tight knit community, we do so many more things besides raiding.

    >> check us out http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...0#post45522150 <<

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