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    Would love to do quick matches for the quests and rewards. You can add me:

    Sarow#1838 - US
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    While in a Naxx25 raid near the beginning of wrath, our MT decided to go to the bathroom with his wireless headset on. Unfortunatly, had vent set to voice activated. We heard it all, including the flush, and no hand washing before he said "ok, back, with food!" ...*
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    Dem trolls don't mess wit da fel. Tis' be bad magic, mon.

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    Lazor#1252 US Region, i'm just looking for the first two quests for the overwatch skins, so 10 games total for anyone willing to help me out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by velren View Post
    Three channels that have given me good luck:
    MFPT (Pallytimes channel, not a huge fan but is active and helpful)
    Nubkeks (Nubkeks channel, ofc...not as noisey as MFPT but lots of people to find for groups and decent chat.)
    ASUSROG (More active on EU, it is the asus channel and the one Grubby uses, have found some good teammates here)
    Thanks for suggesting those, joined them and there's already so many more people than in the mmo-c channel. But are channels specific to a region or do they allow communication across all regions?

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    Reminder: There are only two days left for US players to complete this challenge!
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    What time does the event in EU time?

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    We have Tuesday as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    We have Tuesday as well.
    Until the Wednesday reset thingy?

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    Can someone confirm whether the event includes the 22nd. So, technically, we have tomorrow as well here in EU.

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    EU has until the weekly server reset.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sergar View Post
    League has had a (poor) cosmetic chest system for a while now and Smite lets you pay their normal in-game currency on cosmetics -or- heroes (and many people just bought the unlock every hero pack, so they just buy cosmetics). I think DotA 2 is still the only major MOBA where someone, somewhere, *has* to give the developer money for cosmetics. I could be wrong though, I don't actually keep up with DotA 2.
    Dota 2 items are useable with steam wallet though, so technically you can sell skins in one game and gain them in Dota

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