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    You can get a lot of kills/assists/heals, but you are note able to Win a round all by yourself. Same goes for HotS. You can get absolute uber as assassin or tank, but you don´t win alone.
    I've seen high rated Hanzo turn games into Csgo fragfest while they pretty much 1v5 the other team. I've seen high rated players camp 3000 mmr team so hard they couldn't get ultimates charged. Hots on the other hand doesn't allow for a big enough skill difference for that to happen in my opinion and it turns me off from the game completely.

    You don't win alone but who you get queued with isn't the deciding factor like it was when I played hots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keeper Zanjin View Post
    Oh another play with friends bullshit requirement
    They gotta keep their dying moba afloat somehow.
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