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    Death Knight - Video & Streams -sticky

    Please post any Death Knight video /stream content you want to share here as long as it relates to Death Knights. Video/Stream content outside of this sticky is subject to removal.


    - the mods
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    Hey Mates,

    Thought I'd post the video guide I made for the Blood DK Mage Tower Challenge.
    I probably miss a few things (sorry), but I do try and be as comprehensive as possible in the guide.
    Hopefully it helps anyone still banging their head into this =)

    Good luck!


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    Nothing special, just a Maw of Souls Mythic +7 blood-DK pov (911 ilvl)
    Patch: 7.2.5

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    DK solo:Il'gynoth and Cenarius (Normal Emerald Nightmare)

    It's simple at the moment

    DK Solo:Il'gynoth

    DK Solo:Cenarius

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    Is this supposed to be impressive in a day when people are soloing gul'dan and mythic15+?

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    Merging with videos sticky.
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    I'm apparently a year late, but I just finished the Blood DK challenge this morning!

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    Hello! So its that time of year again and i made some things to help people into BFA.

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    this is very good post

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