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    Mage - Videos - sticky

    Please post any Mage video content you want to share here. Video content outside of this sticky is subject to removal.


    - the mods

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    Both videos I'd recommend slowing down the speed when the players start demonstrating the casting rotation. Specifically to understand the order of importance for the spells or "dances" associated with each.

    Frost points of interest for those who have already visited the AT guide:

    Fire points of interest for those who visited the AT guide (Obvi Sinew and impact of Combustion isn't relevant anymore, but the rest of the content is still solid):

    This is how I should have done and would recommend doing the Frost challenge:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sliddqvist View Post
    Sorry, but I disagree. When go to do look more like, you have to consider as decided the need to go want to look. If you merely decided as to think to half of that, you might as well go to a floor towards as the far. I can't believe you deny the use of further deciding to even want to do look more like, when the rest of us have decided to need a want. Go ahead, go want to do look more like further than a half. It gets you nowhere, I can tell you that.

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    Naustis - Arcane Mage

    YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDV...I9nbEimBuSKvnQ

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    A very clean and condense Frost/Fire setups. More stuff on the channel!

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    I did not expect to see Rikh here

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    Well, I would like to share a video with DyLemma, one of the very few competitive mages who is still playing Fire. He manages to still kick ass. I look to him when in doubt about my beloved spec

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    "Rakzo playing around - Frost Mage WotLK PvP (Warmane)" on Youtube, wasn't able to post link yet, 4.20 min long nice video

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    I couldn't find a link to "Rakzo fooling about - Frost Mage WotLK PvP (Warmane)" on Youtube, but it's a wonderful 4.20 minute movie.

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