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    After 1 year of hard work (recording since the days of the BFA prepatch until 8.2), the video is finally done. This is the project where more time, effort and love i have invested until today.

    In this video you will see a wide variety of content and locations of the expansion (from 8.0 to 8.2), as well as different tones in the narrative (there is epicity, there is comedy, there is darkness, and some “hidden” surprises).

    It is not abut skill (of course it is a PVP movie, so it needs gameplay scenes), it is about creating an audiovisual product through the Wow universe, it is about mixing the images with the music in the best possible way, to create an experience of immersion and enjoyment in the viewer.

    In this movie you can expect:

    - World PVP
    - 2v2
    - 3v3
    - RBGs
    - Duels
    - A LOT of Machinima (in different scenarios and different patches of BFA)
    - A top quality visual experience (2560x1440 60 FPS)

    Thanks to everyone who has participated to make this movie possible.

    Regards and enjoy it!


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    here is my rogue dancing to DJ Tiesto and rp speech enjoy

    had fun making these.
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    Hey guys!, just wanted to share some fun clips from wow classic (incl. mass world PvP). Probably isn't what you are expecting (Not retail) - editing isn't perfect since last time I edited a video was probably in 2012 xD. However, it has been created purely for entertainment purposes only.

    I hope you enjoy it as much as I did during Phase 1 and 2!

    <3 Shout-out to Gandling-Eu <3
    and Mmochamps thank you for watching <3

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    First teaser of my upcoming PVP movie!

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    Here you have my new video (and the last one I do, at least in this format and with this duration).

    An audiovisual experience, a 32-minute journey through Shadowlands, in which you will find drama, comedy, action, suspense ... all through a narrative cohesion that links the cinematics and gameplay with the lore of the expansion itself , to take my character from the beginning to the end of his last adventure!

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